In our fast-changing, diverse, and ever increasingly post-Christian world, communicating the message of Jesus and leading in this new context require a new approach. Discover how to create a church out of the culture by helping a spiritually diverse group of people connect, grow, and serve. Topics covered include the following:

"Not Like Me" Learning to love, serve, and reach our post-Christian and diverse world through catalyzing community, intentional outreach, and ministry innovation.
"Come As You Are" Creating a culture where people can belong even before they believe.
"...But Don't Stay That Way" Creating a community where life change is the norm by becoming like the early church and overcoming immorality, heresy, and conflict.
"Raising Up Leaders" Recruiting, investing, and empowering God’s people for Christ's mission.

Eric Bryant and Rick Dunn
Day / Time: Monday, 1:00-5:00pm
Location: E109