Jonathan Williams currently serves as the lead pastor of Forefront Brooklyn Church, which started in September of 2012. Jonathan has also served as an associate pastor of Church of the Incarnation in Manhattan New York. Before his pastoring days Jonathan spent 7 years as a 5th grade public school teacher in West Philadelphia.

Jonathan has a BA in Psychology from Colorado Christian University in Lakewood, Colorado and a Masters of Multicultural and Urban Education from Eastern University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Jonathan has an incredible (and understanding) wife and 2 daughters. He's also a long suffering fan of the New York Mets.


PRE-CONFERENCE: Planting an Urban Church: Orienting Expectations and Best Practices
Do you feel called to plant an urban church? Are you interesting in learning more about what starting a new church in a city might look like? Learn from seven experienced church planters from around the country about their experience planting a church in an urban context.
Time: Monday, 1:00-5:00pm
Location: E202

Workshop Session 3: Serving in Urban America
Creating a culture of serving in our churches is more than just communal events, collections, and contributions. If we're going to be a church that restores and renews our urban centers we want to move from promoting charity to promoting long-term change in our neighborhoods and our cities. Join Jonathan Williams and explore long-term restoration and renewal through the work of our church communities.
Time: Wednesday, 1:00-2:00pm
Location: E202

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