Christ Together Florida Pastors Luncheon
Christ Together is hosting a free lunch for pastors and churches in cities across Florida on Tuesday. Across the nation Pastors are coming to a common table to pray, learn, strategize and act in concert with God's mission in their geography. They are asking the question: "What would it look like to reach every man, woman and child in our city?" Gospel saturation will take a unique blend of strategies, churches, and leaders who share this same conviction and mission. Join us, and other Florida pastors, as we discuss what it would look like to reach every man, woman and child across Florida. RSVP for the free lunch by emailing
Day/Time: Tuesday, 11:30am - 12:45pm
Location: Worship Center 132/134

Networking Lunch for Canadian Planters hosted by Church Planting Canada
Grab your lunch and come up and join us in an informal networking lunch for anyone planting (or thinking of planting) in Canada. Church Planting Canada exists as the empty table around which the networks planting churches in Canada may gather, so come and meet many of our denominational and network catalysts, planters, trainers and missioners. Our hope is that you leave with lots of phone numbers, encouragement and refreshed vision as we learn together at Exponential. Can't make it? Join our national mailing list on
Day/Time: Wednesday, 12:00pm
Location: AP Buildings - AP 10

Christ Together Luncheon
Christ Together is hosting a free lunch for church planters, pastors and churches on Wednesday. In cities across the nation Pastors are coming to a common table to pray, learn, strategize and act in concert with God's mission in their geography. They are asking the question: "What would it look like to reach every man, woman and child in our city?" Gospel saturation will take a unique blend of strategies, churches and leaders who share this same conviction and mission. Join us for a time of vision casting and practical application as we discuss reaching every man, woman and child in your city. RSVP for the free lunch by emailing
Day/Time: Wednesday, 11:30am
Location: Student Center - SC 101A

MORE Lunch Event: How to Help Others Find Their Personal Calling
Join us for this free lunch with Todd Wilson, founder and director of Exponential. Todd will be discussing his new book More, which presents an easy-to-use framework that churches and individuals can use to help discover personal calling. Lunch will be provided. RSVP at
Day/Time: Wednesday, 11:45am-12:45pm
Location: AP Buildings - AP 3

Acts 29 Potential Church Planter Interest Lunch
Acts 29 is a diverse, global family of church-planting churches characterized by theological clarity, cultural engagement, and missional innovation. By partnering with Exponential East this year, our desire is to connect with potential like-minded church planters who are interested in planting churches throughout the world. We will be providing a free lunch on Wednesday, April 27th, to the first 100 people who register for our luncheon. During our time, there will be room for connecting with current Acts 29 pastors. There will also be a quick presentation about the mission, vision, and characteristics of Acts 29 and how you can get involved. We are excited to meet you and connect on how we can partner together to spread the Gospel of Christ throughout the world by planting churches that plant churches.

We will have a booth in Faith Hall during the conference, where you can stop by and learn more about Acts 29, share contact information, and sign up for our lunch.
Day/Time: Wednesday, 11:45am
Location: Education Building - E2 315

Lunch with Oscar Muriu
Join Pastor Oscar Muriu, Senior Pastor of Nairobi Chapel for a free lunch. Pastor Oscar will be discussing creative ways to engage your whole church in Gospel work around the world. So often church planting only involves a select few from the church but there are ways to have church wide involvement in your global strategy! Lunch will be provided. Please RSVP!
Day/Time: Wednesday, 11:45am-1:00pm
Location: AP Building - AP6

Academy for Intercultural Church Research Luncheon
Are you involved or interested in intercultural church research? This inaugural meeting of the Academy for Intercultural Church Research (AICR) calls all interested pastors, professors, writers and researchers to a formation meeting chaired by Bob Whitesel (D.Min., Ph.D.), Professor of Christian Ministry & Missional Leadership for Wesley Seminary at Indiana Wesleyan University. The AICR's mission is to provide a fertile climate for discussion, as well as debate of theological framings and ecclesial practices of intercultural church research. This gathering will include a presentation of the mission of the academy, a review of the proposed constitution, a vote to inaugurate the society and conversation about these topics. Feel free to bring your lunch.
Day/Time: Wednesday, 11:45am-12:45pm
Location: Faith Hall 350

Lutheran Church Planters Network Gathering
We'd love to connect with any Evangelical Lutheran Church in America folks who would like to explore becoming part of a budding network of church planters who are...
1. Holding a yearly Church Planters Training Intensive
2. Establishing a Church Planter Residency Program
3. Expanding the Lutheran Church Planters Network across the ELCA
We envision the church planters network as a peer-driven, action-oriented "network of networks" focused on promoting, equipping, and supporting church planters. This is a low-cost, relationship-based, and viral approach that can provide personal support, encouragement, accountability, and a developing esprit-de-corps. Local networks can be think tanks that share resources and best practices and can advocate for church planting in their area and provide opportunities for collaborative church planting. Our goal the next three years = 5-6 new local networks in several synods or metropolitan areas. For more info, check us out at

Grab a lunch and join in the conversation!
To find out more, or to give us a heads-up that you're at Exponential East, email or call/text 847-323-3774 (cell).
Day/Time: Wednesday, 11:45am-1:00pm
Location: Faith Hall 355

Gospel-Balance-Multiplication Lunch hosted by The Summit Network
Join us for a FREE lunch with J.D. Greear and D.A. Horton as we discuss planting gospel-centered, disciple-making, multiplying churches. Participants will also learn about opportunities for residency and partnership with The Summit Network.

The first 30 participants to RSVP will receive a free copy of J.D.'s book Gaining by Losing.

Sponsored by The Summit Network and Zondervan. // RSVP here.
Day/Time: Wednesday, 11:45am-12:45pm
Location: AP Buildings - AP8

Intentional Churches Lunch
Join us for a complimentary lunch as we hear from Bart Stone and Josh Burnett, planters with Stadia and Orchard Group. They will share their stories about GrowthPlanning with Intentional Churches and its current impact on their ministries. Come learn more and be a part of the conversation! RSVP to
Day/Time: Wednesday, 11:45am-1:00pm
Location: Education Building Room 328

Lunch with Bonhoeffer
Come and hear about the Bonhoeffer Project, a year long formative community that is based on many of the same principles employed by Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Co-founders Bill Hull and Brandon Cook will lead a discussion on how this cohort helps participants develop a disciple making DNA and create a plan to make disciples who make disciples. They will also discuss exploring and building a gospel that naturally creates disciples and how to break out of non-discipleship discipleship plans, which are distiguishing features of the Bonhoeffer Project. Free copies of Bill's book, Conversion & Discipleship: You Can't Have One without the Other, will be given out to the lucky winners of a yet to be chosen lottery.

Please bring your lunch and we will discuss the Bonheoffer project as we eat.
Day/Time: Wednesday, 11:45am-12:45pm
Location: Education Building Room 330

100 Movements Lunch
Come join Alan Hirsch, Will Mancini and Nick Boring for lunch. As proven thought leaders within the current understandings of the church as a movement, Will, Alan, Nick and other members of 100M team are putting their recognized paradigm shifts into repeatable practices that every church can learn from. Together, they will provide an engaging conversation around the ideas and practices of how to be a Level 5 church, while also filling you in on their new initiative to help 100 churches reach Level 5 in all 6 elements of what Alan has coined as mDNA (movement DNA). Lunch will be provided for the first 40 people to join in on this fantastic conversation.
Day/Time: Wednesday, 11:45am-12:45pm
Location: Worship Center 132/134

NewThing Backyard BBQ
You're invited to a FREE lunch provided by NewThing. If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about NewThing then this is the event for you! Make sure you register below as tickets will be limited!

Register Here
Day/Time: Wednesday, 11:45am-1:00pm
Location: Outside Worship Center Entrance B