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Session 2: Big Dreams Create Better Tomorrows
Join Bryan Rose of the Auxano team and lead pastor Steve McCoy as they train on how to use 12 Vision Templates from God Dreams to create a picture idea for your multiplication dream. Practical tools are provided to build out a vivid description of your vision to inspire the courage and sacrifice required for the cultural shifts in becoming a Level 5 church. A case study of 360 Church in Sarasota, FL will be delivered by Steve McCoy who has completed his visionary plan (pathway to level 5: 3 to 4). 360 Church is 10 years old and runs 600 in attendance. All sessions in this Dream Big track will provide highlights from the 24 tools in the Dream Big Workbook and specific case studies based on Level 5 Multiplication pathways. Each session may be experienced as a stand-alone session, but they are designed to build on one another to provide a comprehensive visionary planning toolbox for Level 5 multiplication churches. The track is designed by Will Mancini, the author of God Dreams and founder of Auxano.
Location: Worship Center - Main Auditorium
Speakers: Bryan Rose and Steve McCoy

Session 2: Final Base Camp – Preparing for Level 5 Ascent
Before a church engages in multiplication, it needs to get ready to do so. This workshop discusses the step between Level 4 reproduction and Level 5 multiplication. Just before the summit is a final base camp (4+) at which leaders and churches must both divest themselves of what is no longer needed, and acquire the requisite tools for the final assent. Get ready to climb into rarified air.
Location: Henry Chapel
Speakers: Larry Walkemeyer and Tim Hawks

Session 2: A Discipleship Strategy for Multiplication
In order to multiply, you need to have a discipleship strategy in place. After all, the multiplication of your church always begins with the multiplication of disciples. In this workshop, learn how to create a strategic discipleship pathway that will help you develop multipliers, rather than consumers.
Location: AP Buildings - AP 7
Speaker: Daniel Im

Session 2: Multiplication Simplified
Everything about multiplication boils down to how intentional leaders are about making disciples who make disciples.
Location: AP Buildings - AP 8
Speaker: Bill Tenny-Brittian

Session 2: What Is New To 5 and Why Should You Go for It?
Monomaniacs change the world – Edison, Jobs, Kroc, Gates, Bezos ... you get it. Learn how seven non-negotiable elements will turn you into a monomaniac, capable of launching a church at Level 5.
Location: Faith Hall - Room 301F
Speaker: Ralph Moore

Session 2: Helping Churches Make Disciple-Makers
The Liberty Church Network is committed to helping pastors become better disciple makers within their own ministry context and model. LCN not only wants to see churches make more disciples, but we want to see churches exponentially push away the darkness in their cities by making more "Disciple-Makers" and not only disciples. Our executive chairman Jonathan Falwell, president Jimmy Carroll, and international church planting director David Nelms will lead you in a discussion to understand a variety of "disciple-maker" strategies that pastors and leaders can use in the local church, in the community, and in the world. These disciple-maker strategies can be implemented in any style, age, or model of church or church plant. We hope you can join our LCN team! For more information on LCN visit our website at
Location: AP Buildings - AP 9
Speakers: Jimmy Carroll, Jonathan Falwell, and David Nelms

Session 2: Conversations That Multiply Leaders
One of the most powerful tools we have in reproducing leaders are the words we say. Often the most life-changing opportunities begin with a conversation. In this session we will look at some practical tools to help you make the most of every leadership conversation.
Location: AP Buildings - AP 10
Speaker: Jon Ferguson

Session 2: Multiplication: The Move to Becoming 5
In this workshop the100M team will provide a biblical narrative for the journey toward becoming a Level 5 church, moving beyond addition to multiplication. Leveraging the Exodus story, we'll uncover the major rites of passage, the temptations as well as the indicators for each of the 5 stages of Movement.
Location: Faith Hall - Room 301H
Speakers: Dave Rhodes, Neil Cole, and Jessie Cruickshank

Session 2: God's Heart: How to Lead Your People into Acts of Love and Compassion
Is your discipleship process bearing the fruits of compassion? God has not called us to be holy statues, rigid and unmoving. Rather God invites us to show the same love and compassion towards others that Jesus first showed us – circulating among those in need. Join Muriithi Wanjau as he discusses how our personal holiness is expressed in our ability to pour into others.
Location: AP Buildings - AP 6
Speaker: Muriithi Wanjau

Session 2: Reaching the New Generation of Hispanic-Americans
The Hispanic population continues to grow in the US. With this growth comes a great opportunity to reach the new generation of Hispanic-Americans. This growing group of people find themselves between two cultures that they are a part of – their Hispanic heritage and the American culture. Both define who they are. How can the church be a place where they feel accepted by who they are regardless of their culture preference? How can we reach the next generation of Hispanic-Americans?
Location: Faith Hall - Room 356
Speaker: Obe Arellano

Session 2: How to Transform Your Staff Culture into a Growth Engine for Your Church
The health of your church staff culture can make or break the growth of your church. Have a siloed team that refuses to work together? Don't expect your church to grow. Have a team that celebrates wins and takes ministry risks together? Watch it thrive. In this session, William Vanderbloemen, President of Vanderbloemen Search Group, will teach you the practical steps to making your church staff culture one of the most effective growth engines for your church.
Location: Student Center - Room 140
Speaker: William Vanderbloemen

Session 2: Conversion Growth Solutions
Are you longing to see your church make more disciples of unsaved adults? With intentionality, churches of any size or age can plant new units of conversion growth momentum. Discover how to apply proven principles that accelerate kingdom growth.
Location: Education Building (E1) - Room 223
Speaker: John Worcester

Session 2: How to Make Disciples Today: Jesus
Learn why the gospel we preach and the Jesus we uphold determine the disciples we make.
Location: AP Buildings - AP 5
Speakers: Bobby Harrington, Josh Patrick, and Ariyana Rimson

Session 2: Inspiration and Information Are Not Enough for Change
Inspiration and information are strong actors in change, but they are supporting actors. We will talk about the lead actor and why without it, you get activity without results.
Location: AP Buildings - AP 3
Speaker: Brandon Cook

Session 2: Pathway to Becoming a Disciple Making Church – Live It
Lead Pastor Brandon Bowers of Awaken Church (Charleston, SC) joins Real Life Ministries Senior Pastor Jim Putman and Luke Yetter, Executive Pastor at Real Life Ministries Post Falls, to discuss "How to Personally Live Out Relational Discipleship." Followed by table discussions including over 20 church leaders from around the country living out Relational Discipleship.
Location: Faith Hall - Stageside
Speakers: Jim Putman, Brandon Bowers, and Luke Yetter

Session 2: 5iveQ (Cultivation of Apostolic Imagination and Practice in the 21st Century)
In the book The Permanent Revolution and his new book 5iveQ, Alan proposes a revolutionary missional ecclesiology that is shaped by the New Testament account of apostolic imagination, ministry, and strategy. His aim is to reclaim the ministry by which the church is to remain centered on its calling to be the instrument of God's mission, and that everything it is and does ought to relate to and demonstrate that calling. He examines the nature of organization as reframed through the lens of apostolic ministry and explore how apostolic leadership provides new and missionally creative ways forward.
Location: Student Center - Room 101B
Speaker: Alan Hirsch

Session 2: The Missional Quest: Shifting an Existing Congregation in a Missional Direction
Before talking about the how of missional living, it is important to discuss the why. In this breakout Brad Brisco and Lance Ford will survey the theological foundations that set the stage for the church to move in a missional direction. Without a clear understanding of certain foundations, any change a church attempts to make will simply not be sustainable. Topics will include the missionary nature of the church, incarnational mission, participation in the missio Dei, and practical first steps of implementing change.
Location: Student Center - Room 128
Speakers: Lance Ford and Brad Brisco

Session 2: Resourcing the Missional Church
In this session Hugh will unpack a handful of tools that thousands of churches are now using to create missionary training and farm systems in their church. Whether you are planting or transitioning toward true missional church, you will not only get the resources, but you'll hear about the FORGE process of moving consumers to missionaries.
Location: Student Center - Room 101A
Speaker: Hugh Halter

Session 2: Prácticas De Una Iglesia Misional (Missional Church Practices)
En la cultura de hoy, personas no están pidiendo otro templo sino tienen un gran deseo de encontrar la esperanza de Jesucristo allí adonde se encuentran. Esta generación necesita libertadores que están dispuestos de ir a las personas abrazando la cultura, desarrollando a las personas y no programas, y de llevar a la iglesia más allá de las cuatro paredes. Las prácticas de la iglesia misional crea un lugar seguro para que Jesús reconcilie las personas a Él. (In today's culture, people are not asking for another church building in their community but rather have a strong desire to find the hope of Jesus Christ right where they are. This generation needs liberators that are willing to go to the people by embracing the culture, developing people and not programs, and taking the church outside of the four walls. The practices of the missional church create a safe place for Jesus to reconcile people to Him.)
Location: Education Building (E1) - Room 310
Speaker: Rudy Paniagua

Session 2: Keys to Building a Successful Multiplication Movement in Your City or Geography
The goal of this workshop is to provide you with the tools needed to launch or strengthen a multiplication movement that will lead to Gospel saturation in your city or geography. Learn from Chris Lagerlof, Executive Catalyst of Mission Orange County and West Coast Regional Director with Christ Together, as he shares stories, insights and best practices for building a multiplication movement in your church, city and geography. Join us as we talk through what it looks like to multiply churches in your city so that every man, woman, and child has repeated opportunities to see, hear and respond to the Gospel.
Location: Education Building (E1) - Room 315
Speaker: Chris Lagerlof

Session 2: A Propensity for Density: Ministry in Dense Urban Spaces
Community often happens best in places where people are least reliant on cars. When people walk, bike, or use public transportation, they encounter one another in different ways, as well as more frequently. What does it mean to minister in the context of density?
Location: Education Building (E1) - Room 317
Speaker: Linda Bergquist

Session 2: You Can't Build the Temple and Leave the High Place Alone
How should pastors address issues of race and inequality? Oneya will provide a clear definition of race, discuss how to spot racial inequity, and share strategies to help ensure all people are included equally in your church.
Location: Faith Hall - Room 350
Speaker: Oneya Okuwobi

Session 2: Reconciliation: Addressing the Elephant in the Room
Be a part of an honest conversation about race, reconciliation and ministry. Ultimately, we all want to plant churches that reach across cultural divides and help everyone who attends our church find a deeper relationship with God. This workshop will share some truths we may be unaware of, clear up some misconceptions and then give practical tools that will you be successful in caring for all people in our communities.
Location: Faith Hall - Room 372
Speakers: Kim Bolden and Sara McGue

Session 2: Multisiting vs Church Planting
All churches should reproduce, but should that happen through launching a multisite campus or through launching a church plant? Join Wade Burnett from MultiSite Solutions as he compares and contrasts the unique distinctives of church planting vs. multisite church. Is one approach really better than the other? How can you know which one is right for you?
Location: Faith Hall - Room 346
Speaker: Wade Burnett

Session 2: Making Your Organizational Structure Work in Multisite
Every new campus launch not only brings opportunities and excitement, but added stress on your current organizational structures and systems. Whether you are planning your first campus launch or are seasoned in multisite, this session will offer practical tips on navigating the inherent tensions of leading in a multisite context.
Location: Faith Hall - Room 355
Speaker: Kadi Cole

Session 2: Slaying the Top Ten Critical Issues Facing Declining Churches
This workshop will address the top ten most critical issues facing declining churches. While there are three times that number, the top ten are the ones every church needing church revitalization and renewal must initially address. Get these corrected, and you have the greatest chance for turning around a struggling church. It is not a surprise to most church members today that the church of the western hemisphere is in grave trouble. We are living in a day where everything around us is growing except – in the case of the majority of us – the church in which we attend. Our last census showed us that America is growing. Our schools are full of children and youth. Even in our colleges and universities the attendance is on the rise. Yet our total church membership is down more than 22%, Sunday School attendance is down 24%, baptisms are down 28%, and the number of those joining the church by ways other than baptism is down 37% over the past fifteen years! It is time for church revitalization and renewal!
Location: Education Building (E1) - Room 324
Speaker: Tom Cheyney

Session 2: Building Momentum in the New Church (Getting Butts in Seats)
One of the key challenges for the church planter is building momentum – yes, getting butts in seats. During this workshop, we'll explore principles and proven methods to address this challenge. We'll address questions such as: Does a direct mail campaign still work? Can't we just accomplish the same goals with social media? How important is a clear vision, mission, and core values? How do you move people from a community service event to a church service? How do you get your brand recognized by the community? What kind of safe, non-churchy gatherings can you host to connect with non-Christians? Please join us for this interactive workshop to explore the common tensions associated with getting butts in seats.
Location: Faith Hall - Room 349
Speaker: Patrick Furgerson

Session 2: Confessions of a Church Planter: "What I Wish I Had Known About Giving and Church Finance When I Planted My Church"
The title says it all. This will be a very informative session as you hear firsthand from a successful church planter who will share with you the lessons he learned from planting his church. Shawn Lovejoy planted Mountain Lake Church outside Atlanta, and he will share firsthand the things he would do differently if he were to start all over again. This will be a highly practical session with a very candid conversation from a successful church planter.
Location: Education Building (E1) - Room 322
Speakers: Jim Sheppard and Shawn Lovejoy

Session 2: Building Your Team – Reaching the First 50 People
Many new churches never grow past 50-60 people. The simplest solution is to reach 50 people before you start doing Sundays. This team gives a new church the critical mass needed to reach hundreds. Where do you find the first 50 people, and how do you activate them as a team?
Location: Faith Hall - Room 301A
Speaker: Craig Whitney

Session 2: Why Some Teams Win and Most Don't
Healthy and unified leadership teams don't just happen. They have to be created AND maintained. Join the author of STICKY TEAMS as we explore what it takes to get the right people, in the right place, doing the right things as well as how to overcome the structures and traditions that unintentionally sabotage unity, why guarding the gate is so important, and how to make sure your young eagles can fly.
Location: Faith Hall - Room 301G
Speaker: Larry Osborne

Session 2: Handling the Church Bully
Every church has them – the person who wants to abuse power to get their way. How do you deal with a church bully and still hold on to your Christianity?
Location: Education Building (E1) - Room 316
Speaker: Ron Edmondson

Session 2: Post-Launch Changes in the Lead Pastor's Role
What forty years of experience teaches us about role requirements for lead pastors. As soon as a new church is birthed, it begins to age. Every stage of growth changes the scale of operations as new people are added. Some planters remain long enough to be seen as founder pastors. Their roles and the skills they must use require significant changes in their leadership perspectives at each of several size levels. At each level, barriers to further growth must be recognized and overcome. Many barriers are found in the thinking of the lead pastor. Unless you are a Johnny Appleseed planter that will only plant and then move on, the work you must do will be outlined here. This workshop expands on concepts in Carl's just-released book How to Break Growth Barriers.
Location: Worship Center - Room 124
Speaker: Carl George

Session 2: How to Build a Strategic Plan for Your Church
Many churches are little more than social clubs. As a result, they are completely ineffective in reaching their communities. No new church starts with the goal of being irrelevant, but over time, churches often lose track of their very reason for existence. But this irrelevance and ineffectiveness can be reversed when a church invests the time and energy to answer a few key questions, and then creates a vision plan to act on the answers. Building a plan for exactly where your church is headed can launch your church into greater effectiveness.
Location: Faith Hall - Room 301E
Speaker: Brian Howard

Session 2: Developing Functional Leadership Structures During the Startup Phase
Once you have vision clarity and are recruiting a team, what will your leadership structure look like? As you move towards public worship gatherings, how will you transition from decision-making as a small group to differentiated teams based upon the vision? This session will help you to identify and address common pitfalls in this process as you discern the best approach for your context.
Location: Education Building (E1) - Room 314
Speaker: Anthony WagenerSmith

Session 2: Pipeline Creation: Structures and Systems
With the rise of interest in church planting, more churches are questioning how to raise up church planters from within their church. Churches must create a pipeline that helps discover, develop, and deploy men and women to plant kingdom-focused, disciple-making, multiplying churches. In this session you will discover how to design a structure and implement an experientially based system for developing leaders who will live on mission and expand gospel impact in your community and beyond.
Location: Faith Hall - Room 301C
Speakers: Mac Lake, Chad Childress, and Tim Wheat

Session 2: Stop Attendance Decline: Why Mobilizing Your Church Through Personal Calling is the Greatest Opportunity for the Church Today
This workshop will help participants link the journey of personal calling to the greater multiplying movement of their church. Because each of us is made to be unique but not independent, this workshop will help participants think through how becoming "me" might also help their community become a better "we."
Location: Worship Center - Room 132/134
Speaker: Will Mancini

Session 2: Could God Be Calling My Family to Be the Next Generation of Leadership?
In this era of church multiplication movement, we always ask, "How can we raise up the next generation of leaders in the church?" One of the best ways to raise up leadership could be through your own family! Come explore what God has in store for your family as you listen to a panel share openly how church planting has impacted their children, their marriage and them personally. This workshop will give practical ways to keep your family healthy and instill a love for church planting in your children, teens and young adults. Learn how to allow God to use you and your family to be the Next Generation of leadership!
Location: Education Building (E1) - Room 311
Speakers: Scott Pugh, Vanessa Pugh, David Parker, and Michelle Parker

Session 2: Raising Healthy Kids in a Ministry Fishbowl
Growing up on the front lines as a ministry kid can be exciting and inspiring, yet our kids live in fishbowls of expectations and challenges. How can we have a successful ministry and raise kids who love God and the church? Join Brian and Amy Bloye as they share 22 years of raising kids and planting a church together.
Location: Education Building (E1) - Room 321/323/327
Speakers: Brian Bloye and Amy Bloye

Session 2: Equipping Parents to Be Effective Ministers
Every children's minister longs to have great assistant coaches called parents to help build the church together. The relationship between the church and the parent right-sizes when parents become ministers and the church becomes a resource.
Location: Faith Hall - Room 301B
Speakers: Gabe Norris and Ken Thomas

Session 2: Raising Up New Leaders in the Church
People lead people to Jesus. We need to spend the majority of our time developing people vs programs. So, what is an effective path to develop and empower leaders as disciple-making disciples? Come learn what we are learning about multiplying leaders.
Location: Faith Hall - Room 301D
Speaker: Joby Martin