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Session 3: Big Dreams Inspire Others
Join Will Mancini and Willy Rice as they uncover two powerful tools for prototyping your church 3 years into the future as a part of the visionary planning journey. A case study will be delivered by Willy Rice of Calvary Church in Clearwater, FL who has completed his visionary plan (pathway to level 5: 3 to 4). Calvary Church is 150 years old and runs 4,000 in attendance. All sessions in this Dream Big track will provide highlights from the 24 tools in the Dream Big Workbook and specific case studies based on Level 5 Multiplication pathways. Each session may be experienced as a stand-alone session, but they are designed to build on one another to provide a comprehensive visionary planning toolbox for Level 5 multiplication churches. The track is designed by Will Mancini, the author of God Dreams and founder of Auxano.
Location: Worship Center - Main Auditorium
Speakers: Will Mancini and Willy Rice

Session 3: Planting Churches That End in a Movement
"Becoming 5" is a mid-course correction from the self absorbed era of internal fascinations with church growth. This workshop is designed to help a church planter bypass addition lust and move straight into sowing the seeds of a movement.
Location: Henry Chapel
Speakers: Ralph Moore, Wade Burnett, and Jeff Christopherson

Session 3: A Leadership Strategy for Multiplication
Every church needs a pipeline, and every individual needs a pathway. In order to multiply, you need an army, not just an audience. In this workshop, learn how to develop a leadership pipeline for your church so that you can raise up multipliers and harvest workers for the kingdom.
Location: AP Buildings - AP 7
Speaker: Todd Adkins

Session 3: Multiplication Movements: Past, Present, and Future
Since its inception, the church has benefitted from numerous mass movements of rapid multiplication of new disciples. These movements have given birth to new churches that have reached across denominational lines, cultural divides, and geographic boundaries. Based on a decade of research and personal experience, Winfield Bevins will share what he has found to be the defining aspects of these movements, where they are happening now, and what we can learn from them to help spark a renewal of church multiplication in our day!
Location: Faith Hall - Room 301F
Speaker: Winfield Bevins

Session 3: You Don't Have to Be a Megachurch to Multiply
We're all prone to assume that there is a threshold that a church must cross before it has the muscle to plant another church. Sadly, this imaginary threshold keeps many churches and pastors from ever getting around to this work. They never feel that they have enough people, money, or leaders to take the risk. In this breakout, we will attempt to destroy this myth and show how every church, regardless of its size, can get in on the work God is doing through church planting.
Location: AP Buildings - AP 9
Speaker: Matt Rogers

Session 3: How Small and Midsize Churches Can Multiply Using the Kingdom, Disciple, Society and Church DNA
Big in the kingdom of God is the ability to multiply. In fact, if we are going to change our culture, small and midsize churches MUST multiply churches. Using the DNA of Kingdom, Disciple, Society, Church, we will reframe the church multiplication question of "When is big enough to multiply?" to "Are we making disciples capable of multiplying churches?"
Location: AP Buildings - AP 10
Speakers: Nic Burleson, Kevin Cox, and Kevin Brown

Session 3: APEST: Multiplying Leaders That Matter
Every movement is shaped by its leaders. But what kind of leaders is your movement multiplying? In this workshop the 100M Team will help your church think through what Movement Leadership looks like, help you learn how to multiply the leaders you have and identify the leaders you might be missing.
Location: Faith Hall - Room 301H
Speakers: Alan Hirsch and Jessie Cruickshank

Session 3: God's Heart: Be Surrendered
Our role of submitting and surrendering, while certainly an intellectual decision, more importantly involves the core of our innermost self, our deepest identity ... our heart. A readiness to love everyone regardless of the issues they bring. Further, an intellectual decision may be a one-time only decision. A full commitment of the heart involves a life-time, day-to-day commitment.
Location: AP Buildings - AP 6
Speakers: Justin Davis and Trisha Davis

Session 3: Coaching Strategies for Leadership Development in African American Churches
Coaching has emerged as an effective leadership development skill in African American new church starts. As lead pastors develop teams, establish ministry systems, engage new leaders, build community relationships and reach diverse groups of new people, coaching is an excellent tool to accelerate learning and effectiveness. In this workshop you will learn: Biblical Foundations of Coaching; Challenges of Coaching in the African American Community; The 3 Levels of Listening; Communicating and Expanding Vision Through Coaching; and How Powerful Questions Translate to Action.
Location: Faith Hall - Room 356
Speakers: William Chaney and Rodney Smothers

Session 3: Building a Multiplying Culture
You WANT a multiplying culture, but how do you GET one? Action and culture lead to multiplication. Vision alone can't pull it off. All church planters (and most leaders) have the vision and the drive to create a multiplying culture, but where do you get the blueprint to make this vision a reality? Whether planting a church Рor shifting an existing church Рthere are cultural building blocks that are crucial to multiplication. These strategic building blocks establish the values, narrative and behaviors needed in a perpetually multiplying church culture. In this workshop, we will explore these building blocks and wrestle with how to put them into your specific context. Warning: Building a multiplying culture is simple Рbut not easy. However, when you know what action to take, and when, it can be done.
Location: Student Center - Room 140
Speaker: Brian Zehr

Session 3: How to Make Disciples Today: Intentionality
Intentionality may be the single most important concept in disciple-making today because it separates effective disciple-making from ineffective disciple-making.
Location: AP Buildings - AP 5
Speakers: Bobby Harrington, Josh Patrick, and Ariyana Rimson

Session 3: Discipleship, Closed Systems, and Why They Don't Reproduce
Far too many discipleship efforts are focused on self, on intimacy with God, getting closer to Jesus and making us better people. All of these efforts are well meaning, but they are not the life into which Christ has called us.
Location: AP Buildings - AP 3
Speakers: Bill Hull and Brandon Cook

Session 3: Pathway to Becoming a Disciple Making Church – Lead it
Riverside Church of Ft. Myers, FL Senior Pastor Bob Reed joins Real Life Ministries Senior Pastor Jim Putman and Luke Yetter, Executive Pastor at Real Life Ministries, to discuss "Leading the Shift towards Relational Discipleship at Home, Church, and World." Followed by table discussions including over 20 church leaders from around the country living out Relational Discipleship.
Location: Faith Hall - Stageside
Speakers: Jim Putman, Bob Reed, and Luke Yetter

Session 3: In the Way of Jesus
"As the father sends me; so I send you" John 20:21. How did God send the Son? The incarnational life of Jesus is rich with examples and patterns that we can and must learn from. This workshop will look at a number of incarnational practices that will both deepen and inform our missional pursuits.
Location: Student Center - Room 101B
Speaker: Deb Hirsch

Session 3: Starting a Neighboring Movement Through Your Church
Jesus said the entire law of God is summed up and fulfilled when we love God and our neighbor as we love ourselves. Imagine cities across a nation, sprinkled with Christ followers living in condos, houses, and apartment buildings, who have taken Jesus' words to heart. They have committed to tangibly love their neighbors and neighborhoods as they love themselves. They have committed to be the salt of the earth as Jesus said we are to be. What does it look like when we view our neighborhoods as the place in which the Lord has placed us ... to serve him, and accomplish his purposes?
Location: Student Center - Room 128
Speaker: Lance Ford

Session 3: Imagination and Mission
In a context of constant change, the role of creativity and imagination has quickly become essential for effective mission. This seminar will explore the relationship between faith and imagination in the work of mission. We will consider how to grow and cultivate an imaginative soul, a creative team, and beautiful mission.
Location: Student Center - Room 101A
Speaker: Brian Sanders

Session 3: How to Start a Network of Multiplying Churches in Your City
What will it take to change the spiritual landscape of your city or region? One church can't do it alone. But a network of churches collaborating can. Join Patrick O'Connell and Tom McGehee of NewThing for a quick but comprehensive look at how to start a new reproducing network of churches in your city. As the director of NewThing, Patrick has helped leaders in the USA, Europe and Asia start new networks that in turn plant new churches. Tom has helped leaders all over the world and is an expert in collaborative learning. This will be a practical workshop to help lead pastors, networks and church planters work together to do more for the Kingdom.
Location: Education Building (E1) - Room 315
Speaker: Patrick O'Connell

Session 3: Developing Collaborative Residencies to Inspire a City Movement
The Houston Church Planting Network is a network of networks committed to strengthening church planters to reach every man, woman and child in greater Houston. Their residency program has been key in building collaboration for the city. Hear from Bruce Wesley and Chad Clarkson as they share how they are developing collaborative residencies across denominational, network, and ethnic lines to help fuel a church planting movement in the most diverse city in the country.
Location: Faith Hall - Room 355
Speakers: Bruce Wesley and Chad Clarkson

Session 3: Engaging Outreach in the Urban Context
Outreach cannot be done the way we did it 20 years ago. Culture has changed and people's view of the church has changed in many cities. This workshop will share some creative ideas about consistent outreach and large events that can engage real needs and grab the attention of your community.
Location: Education Building (E1) - Room 317
Speaker: Tommy Kyllonen

Session 3: Multiethnic Conversations
Due to the systemic segregation of local churches today, the vast majority of pastors and churches in this country have little to no credibility when attempting to speak to the most pressing issues of our time – those affecting or otherwise shaped by race, class, and culture. Engage with this experienced team of cross-culturally competent leaders that will share their own thoughts and field your questions, all with a view to helping you both learn from and inform conversations in the future, not merely react to them.
Location: Faith Hall - Room 350
Speakers: Mark DeYmaz, Oneya Okuwobi, and Chris Brooks

Session 3: Journey of Multi-Ethnicity
We believe that the church of Jesus Christ was meant to demonstrate the power of the gospel through reconciliation, unity, and the beauty of a multi-ethnic community. We do not just admire multi-ethnic communities, we purpose to become one. This seminar will explore how to practically work towards true multi-ethnicity in your church community.
Location: Education Building (E1) - Room 311
Speakers: Melyssa Cordero and Keisha Polonio

Session 3: What Makes a Great Campus Pastor?
The campus pastor role has become one of the most strategic and sought-after staff positions in the church today. The campus pastor is also the most critical factor in any church's multisite success. But do you know what makes a good campus pastor? Join Greg Ligon from Leadership Network as he explores the unique gift set and strengths of today's ideal campus pastor.
Location: Faith Hall - Room 346
Speaker: Greg Ligon

Session 3: You Can't Raise a Corpse from the Dead
Spiritually dead churches require a resurrection. Revitalization begins with spiritual growth. It takes spiritual alive leaders and congregations for a church to flourish.
Location: Education Building (E1) - Room 324
Speaker: Bill Tenny-Brittian

Session 3: Raising Money While Building Your Launch Team
You need to raise money and have a strong launch team in order to plant a healthy church. During this session we'll discuss ways to do both simultaneously without losing your mind! God called you to lead the new church, but he doesn't expect you to do it alone and he certainly doesn't expect you to do this with your checkbook. As an experienced church planter and fundraising coach, Phil Ling offers effective, tried and true, practical tools to help you raise funds and build an amazing launch team.
Location: Faith Hall - Room 349
Speaker: Phil Ling

Session 3: Having a Bold, Biblical Perspective on Giving in Your Church from Day One
It's difficult to talk about money, particularly when you're starting a new church but also when you are leading a growing church with constant new believers coming in the doors. How do you have a bold, biblical perspective on money without scaring people away? How do you disciple people in this key area of faith when so many are in different places financially? This session will deal with some of the practical and biblical narratives of gospel-driven generosity and how we can better communicate this aspect of discipleship to our people and help them grow.
Location: Education Building (E1) - Room 322
Speaker: Julie Bullock

Session 3: Branding for Church Plants
This workshop will teach you how to build the right identity from the ground up. You will learn how to leverage your website, social media, logo, and print marketing to effectively communicate your core message to key audiences. There will be physical examples to see as well as product giveaways.
Location: Education Building (E1) - Room 223
Speaker: Josh Shank

Session 3: Mobilizing Your Team – Getting People on Mission
Even the most excited and passionate people can bring their tendency to get rather than give into a new church. A church planter's greatest leadership challenge is getting the first people on mission. How do you get the first 50 people in a new church to bring next 100 people?
Location: Faith Hall - Room 301A
Speaker: Brian McKee

Session 3: How to Build a Healthy Staff Team from the Ground Up
Building a contagious culture is hard work, but it's crucial to retaining a high capacity church staff. How can you do that when you're planting a church, have a congregation that needs you, and Sunday to prepare for each week? In this session, you will learn what the best churches across the country are doing to align vision, develop leaders, and build a culture where staff and volunteers are lining up to get on board.
Location: Faith Hall - Room 301G
Speaker: William Vanderbloemen

Session 3: Building Healthy Teams
Every church and organization is built of people and teams. The only way to have a healthy organization is to have a healthy team. Ron will share some common characteristics in building healthy team environments. (This has been one of Ron's more popular breakouts.)
Location: Education Building (E1) - Room 316
Speaker: Ron Edmondson

Session 3: Slamming the Back Door Shut
The fact is, if you can't keep them, you can't disciple them. In this session we'll explore what it takes to slam the back door shut and to make sure that those who move on are "sent out" not merely "lost out the back door."
Location: Worship Center - Room 124
Speaker: Larry Osborne

Session 3: Ten Things I've Learned About Hiring, Firing and Leading Staff
Most church leaders received little or no training on how to bring someone to their staff, or how to let someone go. And many business leaders who try to help don't understand the nuances of leading in a ministry environment. Tim Stevens spent 29 years leading in ministry settings – and has been involved in hiring more than 200 people. He led a team of 129 staff at Granger Community Church, and for the past 3 years he has helped pastors all across the country with staffing issues in his role at Vanderbloemen Search Group. In this session, Tim will talk about the top 10 things he has learned about hiring, firing and leading staff. Learn how to avoid future mistakes, or get some insight on the current situation you are facing.
Location: Faith Hall - Room 301E
Speaker: Tim Stevens

Session 3: How to Become a Church Plant Who Plants Churches (Earlier Than You Think)
Is it too early for my church to plant another church? How much time, money, and people do we need to have before we are ready to start planting churches? Do we need to be completely self-sufficient before we begin to multiply? In this workshop we are going to talk about the benefits and the challenges of planting churches early in the life of your church. This workshop will be beneficial for church planters who desire to start a church planting church, as well as for church leaders who desire to begin to tackle some of the obstacles that have kept them from church planting.
Location: Education Building (E1) - Room 314
Speakers: Justin Evans and Michael Kraft

Session 3: Pipeline Creation: Developing the Bi-Vocational Planter
As a result of declining attendance and the closing of many existing churches, every major denomination is focusing more resources towards starting new congregations. In the midst of this proliferation of church planting, one of the most significant trends is the starting of new churches by bi-vocational leaders. They are making this decision out of the conviction that bi-vocational church planting actually provides a more desirable way to plant a new church, rather than on the basis of limited funds. In other words, it is becoming a first option, not a last resort. In this breakout learn the philosophy behind creating a bi-vo pipeline of planters and discover how to best resource and send them into Kingdom activity.
Location: Faith Hall - Room 301C
Speakers: Brad Brisco, Rob Wegner, and Tim Wheat

Session 3: The Supernatural as the Key to a Missional Church and Movement
Whether you look at the early Church, church history or the modern day phenomenal moves of God in many developing world nations, it is impossible to understand them without a positive view of the Kingdom being experienced in the supernatural. For us in the West, is the decline of Christianity in our culture partly a consequence of the absence of the supernatural? This workshop will help us learn in practice from the life of Jesus – who gave the best demonstration of what is important for us to imitate in our disciple-making!
Location: Faith Hall - Room 372
Speakers: Alex Absalom, Hannah Absalom, and Martin Cave

Session 3: Life Mapping 101: How to Generate Life-Changing Insight and Breakthrough Perspective in Any Small Group or Team Context
Everyone has experienced their story. Few people have interpreted it. This workshop will introduce tools to help participants recognize and re-engage their life story in a way that not only will help them remember what God has done in their past, but also use that past to start creating their future.
Location: Worship Center - Room 132/134
Speakers: Will Mancini, Dave Rhodes, and David Loveless

Session 3: Ministry Marriages – Dreaming Big
Most Christian leaders settle for marriages that are "good enough." Church Planters are particularly challenged by the tension between ministry life and home life. Ministry ends up competing with rather than flowing from these marriages. But God has a BIGGER DREAM for ministry marriages. This workshop will teach you how to dream; how to prevent or arrest the dream stealers; and keys to dream building for your marriage. Learn how to balance/blend marriage and ministry in ways that make both thrive.
Location: Education Building (E1) - Room 321/323/327
Speakers: Larry Walkemeyer and Deb Walkemeyer

Session 3: Familia Fuerte - Púlpito Fuerte (Strong Family - Strong Pulpit)
La plantación de iglesias puede ser una de las cosas difíciles que harás en el ministerio. Muchas veces hacemos lo que sea necesario para dar a luz a la iglesia sin darnos cuenta de los efectos perjudiciales que puede tener sobre nuestros cónyuges e hijos. Venga y considere prácticas y actitudes saludables para fortalecer y sostener un matrimonio fuerte que durará y prosperará en su jornada. ¡Construyamos Familias Fuertes que conducirán a Pulpitos Fuertes! (Church planting can be one of the difficult things that you will do in ministry. Many times we do whatever it takes to birth the church without realizing the detrimental effects it can have on our spouses and children. Come and consider healthy practices and attitudes to strengthen and sustain a strong marriage that will endure and thrive in your journey. Let's build Strong Families that will lead to Strong Pulpits!)
Location: Education Building (E1) - Room 310
Speaker: Tanya Paniagua

Session 3: DIVE: How All of Your Environments Help Tell Your Story
Join Jeff Boriss and Josh Lazar to learn about essential elements to consider when creating your weekend experience.
Location: Faith Hall - Room 301B
Speakers: Josh Lazar and Jeff Boriss

Session 3: Leading Great Teams / Picking Elders
A key ingredient to launching a healthy church is building the right team of elders. As a 4-year-old church plant we have learned what it takes to identify your elders as well as how you can set them up to be all that God has called them to be, and we want to share it all with you!
Location: Faith Hall - Room 301D
Speaker: Joby Martin