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Session 4: Big Dreams Make Us Reliant on God
Join David Putman of the Auxano team and Dave Rhodes, co-founder of Younique as they train on how to build the short-term execution strategy for your multiplication dream. Learn the key features of the the Horizon Storyline as a visionary planning tool. A case study will be delivered by Dave Rhodes, the pastor of discipleship and movement initiatives at Grace Fellowship Church (pathway to level 5: 4 to 4+). Grace is a family of churches multiplying in the Atlanta metro area with over 3,000 in attendance. All sessions in this Dream Big track will provide highlights from the 24 tools in the Dream Big Workbook and specific case studies based on Level 5 Multiplication pathways. Each session may be experienced as a stand-alone session, but they are designed to build on one another to provide a comprehensive visionary planning toolbox for Level 5 multiplication churches. The track is designed by Will Mancini, the author of God Dreams and founder of Auxano.
Location: Worship Center - Main Auditorium
Speakers: David Putman and Dave Rhodes

Session 4: Five Secrets of Hero-Makers
Discover the essential elements of becoming a Level 5 Leader. You'll understand how exponential leaders create vision and strategy that help their churches multiply and how they activate the gifts of others. Dave Ferguson, Warren Bird and video guests will share with you a winning scorecard and the management that leads to ongoing multiplication. There is a secret to the kind of leadership that makes an exponential impact. This secret can take your leadership gifts and capacity and multiply it over and over again.
Location: Henry Chapel
Speakers: Dave Ferguson and Warren Bird

Session 4: Values for Multiplication
What distinguishes your church from the one down the road? Learn how the values for your church affect your strategies for multiplication. Discover the four types of values and leave with an audit that will help you discover your unique multiplication identity.
Location: AP Buildings - AP 7
Speaker: Daniel Im

Session 4: A Multiplication Strategy for the Local Church
Clear Creek Community Church, located in Houston, has a strong commitment and track record for planting churches in the US and overseas. In this workshop, Bruce Wesley and Chad Clarkson will unpack their church planting and missions strategy developed from Acts 1:8. They will share a both/and strategy that involves multisite planting, traditional church planting, collaborative church planting, and global missions that result in new churches being planted abroad.
Location: AP Buildings - AP 8
Speakers: Bruce Wesley and Chad Clarkson

Session 4: Growing Your Own Leadership
Sometimes as pastors and leaders we get so busy developing others that we neglect spending time growing our own leadership. In this session Mac Lake will give you specific steps to grow your own leadership in such a way that it will change the trajectory of your growth. These practical proven principles will not only accelerate your growth but help you track and remember the things you're learning.
Location: Faith Hall - Room 301F
Speaker: Mac Lake

Session 4: How to Start New at Level 5
Learn 10 proven principles for planting at Level 5. These principles hail from the hard knocks of experience. They are the harvest of a movement of more than 2,300 churches stemming from a church that planted with just 12 people.
Location: AP Buildings - AP 9
Speaker: Ralph Moore

Session 4: How Small and Midsize Churches Can Multiply Using the Kingdom, Disciple, Society and Church DNA
Big in the kingdom of God is the ability to multiply. In fact, if we are going to change our culture, small and midsize churches MUST multiply churches. Using the DNA of Kingdom, Disciple, Society, Church, we will reframe the church multiplication question of "When is big enough to multiply?" to "Are we making disciples capable of multiplying churches?"
Location: AP Buildings - AP 10
Speakers: Nic Burleson, Kevin Cox, and Kevin Brown

Session 4: Movement Busters
Everyone wants to build a movement, but few do. And most of the time it's not because people are trying not to. In this workshop the 100M team will help you identify and overcome several Movement Busters that might be standing in the way of your church's path to multiplication.
Location: Faith Hall - Room 301H
Speakers: Neil Cole and Will Mancini

Session 4: Planeando Para El Futuro (Planning for the Future)
Muchas veces nuestras iglesias no crecen no por falta de palabra o de empeño del pastor, sino por falta de planeación. ¿Como podemos planear el futuro deseado para nuestra congregación? ¿Que son las cosas en las que nos debemos de fijar? ¿Como podemos medir si estamos cerca o lejos de la visión que Dios nos ha dado? Esta y otras preguntas nos las debemos de hacer concienzudamente para poder llegar al destino que Dios tiene para nosotros. (Many times, our churches don't grow, not because of the lack of Word or hard work from the pastor, but because of the lack of planning. How can we plan for a desired outcome for our congregation? What are the things we need to focus on? How can we gauge if we are close to the vision God gave us? These and other questions have to be asked to be able to get to the Place God wants us to be.)
Location: Education Building (E1) - Room 310
Speaker: Edgar Lira

Session 4: Holiness in the Way of Jesus
Just when we thought we had holiness all figured out, it gets turned upside down when we look at it in the life and teachings of Jesus. This is a holiness that changed the religious equation and focuses on redemptive engagement in our world.
Location: AP Buildings - AP 6
Speaker: Alan Hirsch

Session 4: Building a Multiplying Culture
You WANT a multiplying culture, but how do you GET one? Action and culture lead to multiplication. Vision alone can't pull it off. All church planters (and most leaders) have the vision and the drive to create a multiplying culture, but where do you get the blueprint to make this vision a reality? Whether planting a church – or shifting an existing church – there are cultural building blocks that are crucial to multiplication. These strategic building blocks establish the values, narrative and behaviors needed in a perpetually multiplying church culture. In this workshop, we will explore these building blocks and wrestle with how to put them into your specific context. Warning: Building a multiplying culture is simple – but not easy. However, when you know what action to take, and when, it can be done.
Location: Student Center - Room 140
Speaker: Brian Zehr

Session 4: How to Make Disciples Today: The Bible and the Holy Spirit
God changes people through relationships grounded in scripture and the work of the Holy Spirit.
Location: AP Buildings - AP 5
Speakers: Bobby Harrington, Josh Patrick, and Ariyana Rimson

Session 4: The Discipleship Gospel
What was the gospel that Jesus taught? We will break down the gospel of the kingdom and explain why it is vital to the fulfillment of the Great Commission.
Location: AP Buildings - AP 3
Speakers: Ben Sobels, Bill Hull, and Brandon Cook

Session 4: Pathway to Becoming a Disciple Making Church – Reproduce It
Lead Pastor Brandon Bowers of Awaken Church (Charleston, SC), Northshore Christian Church Senior Pastor Ken Long, and Eastside Community Church Senior Pastor Virgil Grant join Real Life Ministries Senior Pastor Jim Putman to discuss "Living it, Leading it and Reproducing Relational Discipleship." Hear stories from churches that are making the shift from 3 different paradigms. Followed by table discussions including over 20 church leaders from around the country living out Relational Discipleship.
Location: Faith Hall - Stageside
Speakers: Jim Putman, Brandon Bowers, Ken Long, and Virgil Grant

Session 4: Redeeming Sex: Naked Conversations About Sexuality and Spirituality
It seems the church in the West is struggling to work out the relationship between our sexuality and our spirituality. But what does Jesus have to say to sexual minorities? In this workshop we will discuss how we might walk a middle road through the conflict – to one of mutual transformation. Discussing some of the practical and theological issues that need to be addressed, we will also look at the posture we must inhabit, as well as what we should and shouldn't do.
Location: Student Center - Room 101B
Speaker: Deb Hirsch

Session 4: Kingdom Matrix: Designing a Church for the Kingdom of God
In this breakout Jeff Christopherson will help church leaders reconcile the altruistic impulses that so many unchurched people possess with the hope of Christ that the church is uniquely positioned and commissioned to deliver. He will help you re-imagine the church's place in the grand scheme of things (the kingdom of God). This isn't just a workshop of theories, but instead time-tested applications borne out of the context of Jeff's ministry settings.
Location: Student Center - Room 128
Speaker: Jeff Christopherson

Session 4: Church Planting and Suffering
Planting can be hard. You gain ground and then lose it. You love people who turn on you, and above all, it can be staggeringly lonely. Paul understood that like Jesus' mission, the great commission will only be fulfilled through sacrifice. Sometimes a sacrifice has to be made to undo a great wrong. Mission (light shining in darkness) is advanced through risk and not just willingness to suffer, but through real suffering. The cross leads. The cross models. The cross saves.
Location: Student Center - Room 101A
Speakers: Hugh Halter and Brian Sanders

Session 4: Beautiful Church: How Churches Build Bridges to the Unchurched in a Post-Christian Society
Discover powerful ways to reach and assimilate the unchurched into the life of your church. Learn how to cultivate a culture where lost people consistently encounter love, experience hope and embrace faith. This workshop will focus on the three primary themes of (a) Understanding the Unchurched Culture, (b) Rethinking Our Church Model with the Unchurched in Mind and (c) Releasing the Church to Reach the Lost. Discover how an emerging movement of churches are infiltrating culture in fresh ways and inviting unchurched people to experience Jesus.
Location: Education Building (E1) - Room 315
Speakers: Ron and Twany Dotzler

Session 4: Big Dreams in a Small Town: Valuable Lessons for Growing a Church in a Small Town
Are you discouraged? Does it seem like the "Big Dream" God has given you is not coming to pass? Let's be honest. Not all church plants happen in large cities. Planting a church in a small town is different. In this workshop, Daniel will share some valuable lessons he has learned to grow a church in a small town. You will leave this workshop encouraged and with some practical advice in positioning your church to multiply!
Location: Faith Hall - Room 355
Speaker: Daniel Lucas

Session 4: Becoming/Balancing Multi-Ethnic, Multi-Generational, Multi-Class in the Urban Context
Urban areas are becoming more and more diverse. Urban churches cannot effectively live out the words of Jesus where he says "Love your neighbor as you love yourselves" unless they become more diverse. This workshop will share some of Crossover Church's journey and what they have learned and what they're currently learning on this journey of being a diverse urban church.
Location: Education Building (E1) - Room 317
Speaker: Tommy Kyllonen

Session 4: Planting and Developing Effective Urban Churches
Cities are beautiful places, full of beautiful people and a variety of assets; yet they have needs both unique and complex. While cities attract leaders and organizations that work to make things better, what's too often missing from the mix are strong and relevant urban churches of, by, and for the people. Come learn why you should and how you or your organization can plant or develop more effective and indigenously-led urban churches.
Location: Faith Hall - Room 350
Speaker: Chris Brooks

Session 4: Leadership in a Multisite Environment
Leadership is complex in a typical church environment but add several campuses, different locations and multiple campus pastors and you've taken the complexity to another level. Join leadership coach, Jenni Catron, founder of the 4 Sight Group, as she shares strategies for being an extraordinary multisite leader.
Location: Faith Hall - Room 346
Speaker: Jenni Catron

Session 4: You Can't Raise a Corpse from the Dead
Spiritually dead churches require a resurrection. Revitalization begins with spiritual growth. It takes spiritual alive leaders and congregations for a church to flourish.
Location: Education Building (E1) - Room 324
Speaker: Bill Tenny-Brittian

Session 4: Where to Start: Building a Launch Plan for the New Church
The Launch Plan for a church plant is a clear and concise narrative that answers a number of basic questions including: Why you are planting? Whom you are trying to reach? Where will the church be located? Who will do it with you? How much it will cost? How will it be funded? What kind of church it will be? How you will gather a core group? What are the critical success factors? This Launch Planning workshop will walk you through the Six Steps of Planning that will result in a compelling Launch Plan for the new church.
Location: Faith Hall - Room 349
Speaker: Dale Spaulding

Session 4: Church Plant Budgeting – How Much Money Do I Really Need and When?
How much money do I really need and when? Answering this question correctly to the best of your ability (and the abilities of church planters who have gone before you!) will aid greatly in avoiding mistakes down the road. Under-budgeting for church plant expenditures is one of the #1 reasons a church plant does not last past the first couple of years. Join us for practical tools from real church planters who have succeeded and failed in this critical area.
Location: Education Building (E1) - Room 322
Speakers: Dave Dummitt and Julie Bullock

Session 4: Your Most Valuable Resource: Finding and Keeping High Capacity Volunteers
As church planters, the temptation is to just find people. What makes a church plant most successful isn't people; it's the right people. More specifically, it's the right people in the right places at the right time. In this breakout, Justin and Trisha Davis will share with you principles they have learned to find, train and retain high capacity volunteers that will help you accomplish your mission and fulfill your vision.
Location: Education Building (E1) - Room 223
Speakers: Justin Davis and Trisha Davis

Session 4: Engaging Your Community
A movement doesn't require a building or a weekly service. Movement engages all the spaces in a community as messengers of good news and good will. Learn how to engage your community even before you launch a service.
Location: Faith Hall - Room 301A
Speaker: Jason Raitz

Session 4: Managing Team Tensions
One more team member doesn't solve our problems. In fact, it can create them! How do we manage the daily team tensions that we feel? In this one-of-a-kind workshop, Shawn Lovejoy, CEO of, will teach us how to manage these team tensions. Subjects include: Building a Healthy Team Culture; What We Owe Our Team; Keeping the Team Aligned; Personnel Issues; Making Better Hires; How to Release Someone; How to Regularly Monitor and Review Our Staff; Leadership Development Among Our Staff; and More!
Location: Faith Hall - Room 301G
Speaker: Shawn Lovejoy

Session 4: Creating a Leadership Pipeline in Your Church or Multisite
Churches can only multiply if there are leaders ready to lead at new locations. Join Patrick O'Connell for a fast-paced look at how to fill your leadership pipeline so that you're ready to grow. As the director of NewThing Network, Patrick will join with other NewThing leaders to share ways to cultivate a culture of leadership development and look at the practical skills needed for campus pastors and church planters to shepherd and operate a start-up church.
Location: Education Building (E1) - Room 316
Speaker: Patrick O'Connell

Session 4: Six Things That Have Changed Everything About Ministry Today and Tomorrow
Sometimes the obvious is so obvious that we miss it. In this session we'll explore six of the most powerful cultural changes that no visiting missionary from a foreign land would miss – but most American church planters and pastors have yet to notice.
Location: Worship Center - Room 124
Speaker: Larry Osborne

Session 4: Build a Volunteer Culture and Avoid These 8 Mistakes
If there is one thing that separates successful churches from others that struggle, it is their ability to recruit, train, retain and inspire volunteers. If this were easy, every church would have figured it out. Tim Stevens shares his insight from a career of personally working with more than 800 local churches, and his leadership for 20 years at Granger Community Church—where 55% to 60% of the weekend attendance were consistently engaged in volunteer roles. Learn the 8 common mistakes that many churches make that keeps their volunteer culture from maximum impact.
Location: Faith Hall - Room 301E
Speaker: Tim Stevens

Session 4: Next Generation 101: Connecting Emerging Adults to Your Church
Research suggests that today's young people are less interested in church than at almost any other point in history. Church plants however, have a unique opportunity to connect with young adults that begins with understanding their context. This session will focus on what it means to comprehend the world young people inhabit and explore how that knowledge creates opportunities to connect and commit to mission and ministry with emerging adults.
Location: Education Building (E1) - Room 314
Speaker: Rick Zomer

Session 4: Pipeline Creation: Mobilizing Missional Disciple-Makers
How one views the church will dictate how one approaches ministry. For many the church is the guardian of truth so the church becomes a classroom; for others the church exists as a place for personal encouragement so the church becomes a support group. While there is truth to these perspectives on church, they are subordinate. We need truth and encouragement because we have been given a mission to accomplish. When that mission is in view, discipleship will go from being a ministry of the church to being the ministry of the church – making the church in and of itself a pipeline for future leaders.
Location: Faith Hall - Room 301C
Speakers: Dhati Lewis, Jorge Mendoza, and Tim Wheat

Session 4: How Asking "Can I Pray for You?" Transforms All of Your Relationships!
As the church we are called to be agents of change wherever we live – and this is only possible as we learn to listen to Jesus in every situation, and intentionally allow His supernatural empowering to flow out through us. This session will give you both great theology and time-proven practices that you can easily train others to use!
Location: Faith Hall - Room 372
Speakers: Alex Absalom, Hannah Absalom, and Martin Cave

Session 4: Leading the Next Generation of Female Leaders
In this era of church multiplication movement, what are you doing to raise up the next generation of leaders in your church? What can you do to empower up-and-coming leaders? Whether you lead staff, small groups, children's ministries, worship, women's ministry and especially in your own family, come learn from a panel who are currently planting churches as they give practical ways to elevate leaders to DREAM BIG for God! This workshop will give you tons of ideas from leaders who are in the trenches of church planting!
Location: Faith Hall - Room 356
Speakers: Debbie Jones, Karrie Thomas, and Heidy Tandy

Session 4: LifeCall: How to Articulate Your One Unique Mission in Life (and It's Not to Follow Jesus)
Most of our lives are stuck between the worlds of the general and the specific. We either spend our lives with a general sense of calling or live our life confined to the latest Personality Test or Strength Finder Assessment that we have taken. In this workshop, The Younique Team will introduce you to one tool that will help you make sense of all your assessments and give you insights on how you can live out your Personal Calling with maximum effectiveness without simply giving your life to a generic and general sense of personal calling.
Location: Worship Center - Room 132/134
Speakers: Dave Rhodes and David Loveless

Session 4: Women Who Will Change the World
Every person who sets out in ministry thinks they can change the world but longevity is the key to actually doing it. Come hear the fundamental building blocks that will keep you healthy in ministry for the long hall. These tools will sustain you in the hard moments and keep you flourishing to your fullest in the easy ones.
Location: Education Building (E1) - Room 311
Speaker: Carrie Williams

Session 4: Good News! Strong Marriages Help Plants Grow
Church planting is an arduous journey that strains our relationships. For married church planters it can feel like a "either/or" where "more for the plant" means "less for our marriage" and vice versa. This perspective pits one good thing against another and can lead to tension and frustration. But what if a healthy marriage and thriving church plant are reinforcing rather than competing goals? In this practical "rubber hits the road" workshop, seasoned church planting couple Paul and Deb Marzahn will share how they have managed to achieve their missional goals while prioritizing their marriage, and furthermore how the theme of strong, healthy marriages can be a catalyst for successful plants. Co-sponsored by PREPARE/ENRICH, the workshop will also highlight how insights into a marriage's strength and growth areas and a set of core relationship skills can help gird a planting team's marriages and provide a platform for outreach and discipleship.
Location: Education Building (E1) - Room 321/323/327
Speakers: Paul and Deb Marzahn, Laura Praske, and Justin Miller

Session 4: Making Messages Memorable with Wonder, Imagination, and Creativity
What makes a message memorable? It might not be what you think. Learn how to engage your community on a deeper level by stirring their imaginations and discovering the difference between showing and telling.
Location: Faith Hall - Room 301B
Speaker: Harris III

Session 4: Worship! Where Creativity, Production and the Sacred Collide
In this session the conversation will lead us to discover what the ideal worship environment is for our congregations and how we take steps in getting there. We will discuss the importance of interacting with your Lead Pastors in planning and how that directly influences the worship culture. We will be answering questions about how to establish your worship culture, disciple your musicians and vocalists, including your creative and production teams, and how to evaluate and re-direct along the way. Come ready to learn best practices from over 20 years of experience, along with practical ways to equip your teams to help create an impactful environment for worship.
Location: Faith Hall - Room 301D
Speakers: Ben Williams and Worship Team