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Session 5: Big Dreams Step Across the Line
Join Will Mancini and Bryan Rose for training on how to keep your team focused on a week-to-week basis with tools for focus and positive accountability. Your team can have fun and get more done as you pursue your multiplication dream. This session will feature a review of the 24 tools of the Dream Big Workbook, which is highlighted in all sessions in this Dream Big track. Each session may be experienced as a stand-alone session, but they are designed to build on one another to provide a comprehensive visionary planning toolbox for Level 5 multiplication churches. The track is designed by Will Mancini, the author of God Dreams and founder of Auxano.
Location: Worship Center - Main Auditorium
Speakers: Will Mancini and Bryan Rose

Session 5: Creating a Culture of Multiplying Leadership
We talk about wanting to reproduce leaders and churches, but exactly how do we do it? How do we create a culture that catalyzes reproducing in our churches? In this workshop we will help you understand three powerful elements of any reproducing culture. And we will explore how you can use those elements to create a culture of reproducing in your church or church plant.
Location: Henry Chapel
Speaker: Jon Peacock

Session 5: 5 Shifts for Multiplication
What if someone told you that you were only a few shifts away from unlocking and unleashing a new season of fruitfulness and multiplication in your church? Discover the five micro-shifts that will set your church in motion towards macro-change. There is no silver bullet. There is no one solution. But there are a series of small changes that you can make today that will change the course of your church for tomorrow.
Location: AP Buildings - AP 7
Speaker: Daniel Im

Session 5: FLUID LEADERSHIP: Learning How to Lead Your Church Through Reproduction
Every leader and especially pastors must be able to morph their leadership. Our research indicates that good leaders lead differently while still leading consistent with their unique wiring. But how? Fluid leadership is learning to lead out of your A-game while at the same time fluidly leading for maximum effectiveness given the needs of the church. We will look at the various stages which a church, every church passes through and what are the leadership competencies required to lead best in each stage.
Location: AP Buildings - AP 8
Speakers: Greg Wiens and Tom Planck

Session 5: Tensions in Church Planting
As your Church gets more involved in church planting, there are inevitable tensions to manage. How much funding goes to Church planting there when you're trying to grow a church here? How can we continue to grow if we are sending leaders and people to new church plants? How much of my time can I afford to invest in networking and church planting?
Location: Faith Hall - Room 301F
Speaker: Dave Dummitt

Session 5: Church Planting with Two Lead Pastors – Why It's Biblical and Works!
Leaders are God's means of advancing His mission, but what if we stopped looking for the unicorn – you know the one who can preach, cast vision, recruit teams, council the wounded and has administrative skills? What if we stopped looking for the solo church planter and started looking for church planters who could lead together and leverage their different gifts to plant a healthier church? Chris and Gavin are two guys with different gifts who planted Citylight Church in Omaha together! Over four years, their small church plant has grown from a few people praying to over 2,000 people. Their church has planted four autonomous churches and each one was launched with two co-lead pastors. Jesus is building His church, and these two pastors want to share with you the theological convictions that have lead them to this model. Additionally, they want you to know that sharing the role of lead pastor is working to create accountable, healthy, humble, and lasting church planters.
Location: AP Buildings - AP 9
Speakers: Chris Hruska and Gavin Johnson

Session 5: Make the Founding Dream of Your Church a Reality
When you boil it all down, you probably started with the dream of making disciples who reproduce disciples. Dan and his team will share how you can establish a culture that will launch a multiplication movement instead of simply launching a single church plant. In this workshop Dan will share concepts from his new book, Starfish Movement, on how to launch rapidly reproducing communities. The leaders on their team will share stories that illustrate how you can launch a process that will "Xcellerate" a movement in your church. If your original dream was to launch a multiplication movement, learn how to take the first step. This process has produced over 100 churches in the past few years.
Location: AP Buildings - AP 10
Speakers: Dan Grider, Rodney Arnold, and Ignite Church Planters

Session 5: Movement Initiative: Practical Next Steps to Building the Church as a Movement
In this workshop the100M team will discuss the practical next steps for building your church's operating system around the 6 key elements of mDNA. We will engage your most pressing movement questions and introduce you and your team to how the 100M learnings and practices might help empower you in this build-out process.
Location: Faith Hall - Room 301H
Speakers: Jessie Cruickshank and Neil Cole

Session 5: How to Help Others Live Surrendered Lives by Hearing God's Voice More Clearly
As leaders in God's Kingdom we all know the importance of living a surrendered life, where we seek God's direction in every situation. This is dependent upon knowing how to hear God's voice – and yet many of us don't feel able to explain how to do this to others. This workshop will walk you through some foundational teaching on how to hear the voice of Jesus more clearly, and give you practical tools to help you lead others on the same adventure!
Location: AP Buildings - AP 6
Speakers: Alex Absalom and Hannah Absalom

Session 5: MultiAsian Church: A Future for Asian Americans in a Multiethnic World
Asian Americans are the fastest-growing racial/ethnic grouping in America, with a population of 20 million in 2014 that is projected to double by 2050 to 40 million. How will the American church be prepared? Join us for this conversation about how churches have reached the diverse contexts of Asian Americans in the past, how next generation Asian American pastors and church leaders are developing new kinds of multiethnic church plants in today's fast-changing environment, and paving the way for a future for that can better propagate the Good News of Jesus Christ for an increasingly diverse multiethnic society in America and around the world.
Location: Faith Hall - Room 356
Speakers: Ray Chang

Session 5: Social Media >> Outreach Ministry
One of the core attributes of a church seeking to reach those who are far from God is a willingness to reach people where they are ... and there is no doubt that people are spending a lot of time on social media. So, how is your church maximizing social media for the Kingdom? Do you view social media as just another mode of communication or do you see it as an amazing opportunity to engage people in spiritual conversations? Social media can be so much more than just a post here or there. When approached thoughtfully, it can open doors to developing relationships with those who have not yet stepped through your church doors. Join us as we explore practical ideas that you can begin implementing immediately to engage your people and reach others in your neighborhood, while encouraging meaningful discussions through social media.
Location: Student Center - Room 140
Speaker: Jason Daye

Session 5: Alcanzando La Nueva Generación de Hispanos-Americanos (Reaching the New Generation of Hispanic-Americans)
Uno de los retos para la Iglesia latina en Estados Unidos es como mantener a los jóvenes adultos asistiendo a la iglesia durante la transición de la etapa de vida de adolescentes a jóvenes adultos. Y la siguiente fase en sus vidas determina las decisiones que van a hacer acerca de su fe. Las nuevas generaciones de hispanos-americanos enfrentan diferentes desafíos en sus vidas que las primeras generaciones de hispanos. ¿Cómo podemos evitar que los jóvenes adultos se vayan de la iglesia? ¿Cuáles son algunos ajustes o cambios que la Iglesia puede implementar para no perder a nuestros jóvenes creciendo en una cultura americana? (One of the challenges the Hispanic Church in the US faces is how to keep young adults from leaving the church during the life stage transition from adolescence to adulthood. The new generation of Hispanic-Americans face different challenges in their lives then previous generations. How can the church avoid young adults from leaving the church? What are some changes the church can do to avoid losing the next generations of Hispanic-Americas growing up in an American culture?)
Location: Education Building (E1) - Room 310
Speaker: Obe Arellano

Session 5: How to Make Disciples Today: The Discipleship Journey and Multiplication
We raise disciples up through the crooked journey into maturity, which leads to the multiplication of disciples who make disciples.
Location: AP Buildings - AP 5
Speakers: Bobby Harrington and Josh Patrick

Session 5: You Can't Delegate Discipleship
The most common mistake made by ministry leaders is to delegate discipleship to others, staff or volunteer leaders. This session confronts the leader's need to personalize and make real what he or she is advocating.
Location: AP Buildings - AP 3
Speakers: Denny Heiberg, Bill Hull, and Brandon Cook

Session 5: Pathway to Becoming a Disciple Making Church – Multiply It
Lead Pastor Brandon Bowers of Awaken Church (Charleston, SC) and Senior Pastor Brandon Guindon of the newly planted Real Life Ministries Texas join Real Life Ministries Senior Pastor Jim Putman and Luke Yetter of Real Life Ministries to discuss "Planting Disciple Making Churches." Followed by table discussions including over 20 church leaders from around the country living out Relational Discipleship.
Location: Faith Hall - Stageside
Speakers: Jim Putman, Brandon Bowers, Brandon Guindon, and Luke Yetter

Session 5: "Scotland Calling": Lessons on Discipleship and Mission from the Post-Christian Culture of Scotland
The Church of Scotland has an end date – 2033 – this is according to the latest church attendance stats. With less than 2% Bible believing Christians, Scotland has become a post-Christian culture. (Could they be just a generation ahead of the USA?) Is it time to shut up shop and turn the lights out? The answer is a resounding "NO!" Come hear what can be learned for our culture from the Forge Europe and Forge Scotland Directors as they outline how Forge is enabling discipleship, mission and church planting. Could there also be not a "Macedonian call," but rather a "Caledonian call" – "coming over and helping us?"
Location: Student Center - Room 101B
Speakers: Alan McWilliam and Helen Brough

Session 5: Engaging God's Mission Where You Live, Work and Play
While more and more people are less and less interested in the programs and activities of the church, missionally-minded people must learn how to lovingly engage people in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places that we inhabit. In this breakout we will discuss the topics of biblical hospitality in and through our homes (1st place), understanding how God has placed us in a vocation for His missional purposes (2nd place), and what it means to identify, create, and support Third Places in our communities.
Location: Student Center - Room 128
Speaker: Brad Brisco

Session 5: Fleshy Evangelism
In this session Hugh will share the evangelism process he experienced and now trains people in – new doable way to influence the hearts of those 'far from God.' The discussion will include a focus on evangelism inside missional communities and how the witness of the gospel happens through natural life and intentional neighborhood and network engagement.
Location: Student Center - Room 101A
Speaker: Hugh Halter

Session 5: Bringing the Kingdom to Our Cities
"... people are moving into the great cities of the world much faster than the church is." - Tim Keller. We believe the key to solving this problem begins by raising up church planters who will go into these cities. Join us for a discussion on Urban Church Planting and how to develop an Urban Church Planting Residency Program.
Location: Education Building (E1) - Room 315
Speakers: Eric Metcalf and Jessie Vaca

Session 5: The Role of Race and Place in Urban Church Planting
How has race shaped our vision of Christianity, the church, and ourselves? How have cities been zoned and structured to maintain segregation, while the church has been largely complicit with those structures? These are some of the questions that we will answer as we seek to build a vision for the church that sees justice, love, and mercy as our main apologetic for gospel movement.
Location: Education Building (E1) - Room 317
Speaker: Kenny Hart

Session 5: Transitioning Your Church to Living Color
How can you effectively transition an existing church to more authentically reflect its community and meet existing needs? More specifically, how can you do this when resources are scarce and/or in urban centers? Join Tommy to learn how to reset and in the process, how your church can not only survive but thrive in an increasingly diverse society.
Location: Faith Hall - Room 350
Speaker: Tommy Kyllonen

Session 5: How Portable Campuses Work in a Multisite Strategy – Strategic, Quick, Effective, and Economical
Why are church leaders in portable venues saying, "If I'd only known how good being portable was going to work out for us, I would have planned differently?" Churches are launching portably with two strategies in mind: As a bridge to a permanent facility, or to engage new communities with ultimate flexibility. Gain perspective to sort out your short and long term multisite strategies.
Location: Faith Hall - Room 346
Speaker: Jeffrey Beachum

Session 5: Revitalize: Beyond Maintenance to Multiplication
Most churches in America are plateaued or declining. However, they represent some of the greatest potential for Church growth and Kingdom expansion. In this workshop we will explore how to connect an existing church with a vision for multiplication. We will look at proven principles and glean from real stories of a 77-year-old church experiencing revitalization.
Location: Education Building (E1) - Room 324
Speaker: Jason Daughdrill

Session 5: Planting for Maximum Conversion Growth
Strategies for planting a conversion growth church are different from many common approaches to church planting. Find out how to lead a church planting team to lay a strong foundation of adult converts and develop them to help you launch large.
Location: Faith Hall - Room 349
Speaker: John Worcester

Session 5: High Capacity Givers: How to Cultivate, Solicit, and Repeat Those Large Gifts
Many pastors and church leaders struggle with the topic of high capacity givers – those in your church with a higher financial capacity. It is important not only to understand the strategy behind raising larger gifts for your church plant but more importantly to understand the mind and spiritual needs of a higher capacity givers. This workshop will focus on the principles of major gift solicitation, including a role play among the presenters. You will walk away from this workshop equipped to succeed in this area of church giving.
Location: Education Building (E1) - Room 322
Speakers: Jim Sheppard and Julie Bullock

Session 5: Habit of Asking: Fundraising Workshop
Discover a research-backed, story-driven, relational and practical approach to funding your mission without fear and shame. This workshop is a practical training about raising funds – the why, how, where, when and from whom. You will learn about your own relationship with money and develop the skills necessary to become a more confident, creative, and effective fundraiser.
Location: Education Building (E1) - Room 223
Speakers: Tim Schuster and Anne Klein

Session 5: Launching a Movement
Currently only 1 out of 500 new churches ever becomes a multiplying church. Too many new churches get stuck at growing and never adopt the values and strategies that lead to multiplication. How do you do you become a multiplying church before you even get started?
Location: Faith Hall - Room 301A
Speaker: Justin Moxley

Session 5: Simple Systems That Work
A system is a BRIDGE that moves things and people from where they are to where God wants them to be. We call it discipleship, but we need a clearer plan and process for it. In this workshop, Shawn Lovejoy, CEO of, will teach us how to build BRIDGES that move things and people from where they are to where God wants them to be. Not good at systems? This workshop is for you. Need to build better discipleship systems? This workshop is for you!
Location: Faith Hall - Room 301G
Speaker: Shawn Lovejoy

Session 5: Leadership Dynamics of a Level 4-5 Leader
Planting churches means recruiting and leading planters and then managing and growing networks. Building a movement means finding the balance between central identity and decentralized control. Take an inside look at the unique dynamics of leading from the center of a decentralized network.
Location: Education Building (E1) - Room 316
Speaker: Mike Hilson

Session 5: Restoring the Soul and Spirit of Church Planters in Your Care
Those who must supervise or provide coaching for church planting staff face many challenges that go beyond current assessment and planning processes. Planter insecurity, unrecognized spiritual challenges, self-defeating inconsistencies, and leader instability are factors that seriously hinder healthy growth in new works. A hopeful new set of tools is emerging to deal with such internal obstacles. These tools can assist those who oversee pastors and church planters so they may discern and deal with the sources of unhelpful patterns in behavior. A synthesis of deep healing and deliverance practices is opening a door into a new era of helping leaders find freedom. Help is becoming available to deal with trauma-induced emotional handicaps and wounds that often have gone unrecognized.
Location: Worship Center - Room 124
Speaker: Carl George

Session 5: Missional Leadership in a Consumer World
Everyone who leads, serves, or just attends your church lives in a consumer-oriented world. Charting a path to move them from consumerism to missional leadership can be difficult – but it can be done. In this workshop, we'll investigate 10 practical strategies you can take to move leaders from consumption to mission.
Location: Faith Hall - Room 301E
Speaker: Philip Nation

Session 5: How to Plant a Church and Not Lose Your Soul
In this breakout, Adam will share practical steps of how to stay healthy and connected to God in the midst of starting a church. We are not robots.
Location: Education Building (E1) - Room 314
Speaker: Adam Weber

Session 5: Pipeline Creation: Developing Church Planting Flywheels with University Students
For most leaders/churches/networks primed to invest in planting, the ideal candidate seems to be married, in the 30's with some understanding of ministry and planting. But what if our bias toward the ideal planter is self-limiting? A growing number of churches are realizing that the best time to cultivate planters and planting teams is during college, before leaders have marriages, mortgages and managers influencing their vision for multiplication and Kingdom expansion. These churches, laser-focused on reaching collegians with the gospel, are winning freshmen to Christ, immersing them in planting scripts as upper classmen, and then deploying them out as cohort-based teams to plant on college campuses around North America. Join us for this breakout as we 1) share church planting scripts for college students and 2) process what a collegiate church planting pipeline could look like in your context. In the meantime, think about this one question: What would your life look like now if you had been part of a multiplying church plant during college?
Location: Faith Hall - Room 301C
Speakers: Brian Frye, Keith Wieser, and Tim Wheat

Session 5: Leading from a Healthy Soul
The pace and pressure of ministry is relentless, and the stress leaders put on themselves to excel is taking a toll on good pastors. Add to that the challenge of marriage and family under pressure cooker conditions. Leaders focus so intensely on getting big things done well that they can miss subtle shifts that could endanger their marriage or ministry. In this workshop, David will talk about four deceptions aggressive leaders most often dismiss, and he shares candidly about hard-won learnings from his own personal failure in ministry. True solutions go beyond time management, better devotions, and accountability partners. Includes a Q & A, and is for any leader serious about cultivating healthy soul patterns for themselves and their teams that can sustain them through both the glory and gory of ministry life.
Location: Faith Hall - Room 372
Speaker: David Loveless

Session 5: Personal LifePlan: How a Vision Frame and Horizon Storyline Apply to Individuals
Break-through clarity is possible, not just in the organization you lead but in the life you live everyday. Join Will Mancini and the Younique team in this workshop to see how the tools so many churches have used to get breakthrough for their gospel movements can be applied to your life at a personal level. For anyone who has read Church Unique or God Dreams, this session will take what you have experienced at an organizational level and help you gain the same kind of clarity personally.
Location: Worship Center - Room 132/134
Speakers: Will Mancini and Dave Rhodes

Session 5: Leveraging Everything for Multiplication
Personality, position, influence and potential are all given to us for a purpose far greater than making a mediocre impact for the sake of the Kingdom. Learn how to leverage every bit of who you are and where you're planted to maximize the impact you can have in multiplying the church.
Location: Education Building (E1) - Room 311
Speaker: Carrie Williams

Session 5: Happily Ever After: Planting a Church Without Uprooting Your Marriage
There are few indicators that more consistently predict the outcome of a church plant than the health of the planter's marriage. The demands and rigors of planting a church demand a level of spiritual and relational health that most are unaware of. When the planter's marriage is healthy they provide a model for the church, impacting how that body of believers relates to Christ, their neighbors, and one another. In this workshop, we will address: What it means to be called together; Finding fulfillment and identity together in Christ and not in the work of ministry; How the planter's marriage impacts other marriages and families; and The necessity for nurturing accountability relationships.
Location: Education Building (E1) - Room 321/323/327
Speakers: Kevin Brown and Angela Brown

Session 5: Reaching Beyond the Core with Your Small Groups
How to design your small groups and discipleship system to reach people on the fringes in your church and beyond.
Location: Faith Hall - Room 301B
Speaker: Chris Surratt

Session 5: Gospel-Centered Stewardship: How to Fund God's Vision for Your Church
Raising up and releasing resources for His Glory and the sake of His Mission
Location: Faith Hall - Room 301D
Speaker: Joby Martin