Tom is the founder and directional leader of the RENOVATE National Church Revitalization Conference and leader of the RENOVATE Church Revitalization Virtual Coaching Network where he mentors pastors, churches, and denominational leaders in Church Revitalization and Renewal all across North America. He serves as the National Host of the weekly Church Revitalization and Renewal Podcast. Dr. Cheyney has written over 5,000 print, audio resources, guides, or books for church revitalizers, pastors, church planters, and lay leaders. His most recent books are: Practical Tools for Reinventing the Dying Church, The Church Revitalizer as Change Agent, The Seven Pillars of Church Revitalization and Renewal, The Nuts and Bolts of Church Revitalization, Preaching Towards Church Revitalization and Renewal, and Thirty-Eight Church Revitalization Models for the Twenty First Century. Currently he is in the final stages of finishing Slaying the Dragons of Church Revitalization and Renewal: Confronting the Critical Issues that are Killing Your Church which is due out in March of 2017. Dr. Cheyney leads the monthly Renovate One-Day Training, which is open to pastors and church leaders across North America. Tom is a nationally recognized conference speaker and a frequent writer on church revitalization, church planting, new church health, and leadership development. He serves as the executive editor of the Church Revitalizer Magazine, which is the only national magazine on church revitalization and renewal. His passion is to see the plateaued and declining church become healthy and vibrant once again. The Renovate Group exists for that purpose.


Workshop Session 2: Slaying the Top Ten Critical Issues Facing Declining Churches
This workshop will address the top ten most critical issues facing declining churches. While there are three times that number, the top ten are the ones every church needing church revitalization and renewal must initially address. Get these corrected, and you have the greatest chance for turning around a struggling church. It is not a surprise to most church members today that the church of the western hemisphere is in grave trouble. We are living in a day where everything around us is growing except – in the case of the majority of us – the church in which we attend. Our last census showed us that America is growing. Our schools are full of children and youth. Even in our colleges and universities the attendance is on the rise. Yet our total church membership is down more than 22%, Sunday School attendance is down 24%, baptisms are down 28%, and the number of those joining the church by ways other than baptism is down 37% over the past fifteen years! It is time for church revitalization and renewal!
Time: Wednesday, 8:45 – 9:45am
Location: Education Building (E1) - Room 324

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