Tim Wheat has served in a number of ministry roles including student pastor, executive pastor, church planter, and senior pastor. In 2011 he joined the staff of Pinelake Church, Brandon, MS to give leadership to the church planting and ministry leadership residency programs. In addition to his role at Pinelake, he also served church planters as a leader and trainer with the LAUNCH Group. In March 2015, he transitioned to the North American Mission Board where he currently serves as the Executive Director of the SEND Network. His passion is to see the Kingdom advance through the training, coaching, and development of leaders, pastors, and planters. Tim is married to Melody, a high school teacher, and they enjoy a full life between their jobs, their church, and their three daughters, Madison, Michaelah, and Maicie.


Workshop Session 1: Pipelines: A Kingdom Perspective
The local church was never meant to become the primary goal and idolatrous fascination of a disciple of Christ. Rather, by weight of Jesus' teaching, the Church is to see herself as the primary vehicle to a much larger goal – the Kingdom of God. A church plant with a Kingdom-centric perspective will have a far more transformative effect on its community than one carving its identity as relevant, edgy, or theologically corrective. If the religious landscape of our world is going to be altered, it will be done through the intentional development of leaders whose primary concern is the redemptive mission of Christ! In this session, we will recapture a Kingdom perspective critical in a pipeline for producing the next generation of movement leaders.
Time: Tuesday, 2:30 – 3:30pm
Location: Faith Hall - Room 301C

Workshop Session 2: Pipeline Creation: Structures and Systems
With the rise of interest in church planting, more churches are questioning how to raise up church planters from within their church. Churches must create a pipeline that helps discover, develop, and deploy men and women to plant kingdom-focused, disciple-making, multiplying churches. In this session you will discover how to design a structure and implement an experientially based system for developing leaders who will live on mission and expand gospel impact in your community and beyond.
Time: Wednesday, 8:45 – 9:45am
Location: Faith Hall - Room 301C

Workshop Session 3: Pipeline Creation: Developing the Bi-Vocational Planter
As a result of declining attendance and the closing of many existing churches, every major denomination is focusing more resources towards starting new congregations. In the midst of this proliferation of church planting, one of the most significant trends is the starting of new churches by bi-vocational leaders. They are making this decision out of the conviction that bi-vocational church planting actually provides a more desirable way to plant a new church, rather than on the basis of limited funds. In other words, it is becoming a first option, not a last resort. In this breakout learn the philosophy behind creating a bi-vo pipeline of planters and discover how to best resource and send them into Kingdom activity.
Time: Wednesday, 1:00 – 2:00pm
Location: Faith Hall - Room 301C

Workshop Session 4: Pipeline Creation: Mobilizing Missional Disciple-Makers
How one views the church will dictate how one approaches ministry. For many the church is the guardian of truth so the church becomes a classroom; for others the church exists as a place for personal encouragement so the church becomes a support group. While there is truth to these perspectives on church, they are subordinate. We need truth and encouragement because we have been given a mission to accomplish. When that mission is in view, discipleship will go from being a ministry of the church to being the ministry of the church – making the church in and of itself a pipeline for future leaders.
Time: Wednesday, 2:30 – 3:30pm
Location: Faith Hall - Room 301C

Workshop Session 5: Pipeline Creation: Developing Church Planting Flywheels with University Students
For most leaders/churches/networks primed to invest in planting, the ideal candidate seems to be married, in the 30's with some understanding of ministry and planting. But what if our bias toward the ideal planter is self-limiting? A growing number of churches are realizing that the best time to cultivate planters and planting teams is during college, before leaders have marriages, mortgages and managers influencing their vision for multiplication and Kingdom expansion. These churches, laser-focused on reaching collegians with the gospel, are winning freshmen to Christ, immersing them in planting scripts as upper classmen, and then deploying them out as cohort-based teams to plant on college campuses around North America. Join us for this breakout as we 1) share church planting scripts for college students and 2) process what a collegiate church planting pipeline could look like in your context. In the meantime, think about this one question: What would your life look like now if you had been part of a multiplying church plant during college?
Time: Thursday, 8:45 – 9:45am
Location: Faith Hall - Room 301C

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