Nathan Cline is the Lead Pastor of REVO Church, a multisite church in Winston-Salem, NC. Nathan and his team are passionate about planting churches both internationally and in the United States, and have dedicated their lives over the past 4 years to dominating their city with the Gospel. His desire is to Spark a Revolution of life change through Jesus by being a hub for sending out and equipping the next generation of pastors and planters.


Workshop Session 1: Leadership, Ministry, and Church Planting with Millennials
Millennials are the most researched, talked about, analyzed, and oftentimes criticized generation in recent history. To capitalize on the enormous potential of the largest generation alive today, leaders have to know how to motivate and inspire Millennials to be mobilized for maximum impact in the Church and in the city for the Gospel.
Time: Tuesday, 2:30 – 3:30pm
Location: Education Building (E1) - Room 314

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