Driven by his passion for the local church and people to know Christ, and decades of experience in the world of church planting, Tom has been a part of the Stadia team since 2003. Having planted churches with his wife Debbie Jones in Centerville, OH and Princeton, NJ, Tom is a visionary leader who understands the mission of Stadia in a unique way. His role as Executive Director involves direct oversight of the implementation of Stadia's vision, strategic plan, and operations. Outside of his Stadia role, Tom also served as a tenured professor at Emmanuel School of Religion for 11 years and was the editor and primary author of Church Planting from the Ground Up. Although Tom is an avid tennis player and golfer, his greatest joy is found in spending time with his family — his wonderful wife Debbie (who also works for Stadia), their daughter, Melanie, along with her husband Jade and daughters, Cora and Celia, and their son, Tom, and his wife Stephanie, and their daughter, Emilia.


Workshop Session 1: Challenges and Blessings Married Couples Face as They Answer the Call to Plant a Church
This session will deal with how we navigated the challenges of doing ministry together for over 30+ years, starting two churches, raising a family, leading Stadia and serving in our own "sweet spot" as well as being partners in the gospel. What boundaries are important to protect your marriage, family, and ministry? What are important traditions to establish? How to work hard and play hard. What does it look like to model a healthy marriage and family when in the spotlight of ministry? Spend an hour learning specific ways to keep your marriage, family and staff healthy!
Time: Tuesday, 2:30 – 3:30pm
Location: Education Building (E1) - Room 321/323/327

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