Jorge Mendoza is the son of immigrant parents from Mexico. He was raised in a blended family and was socialized in the hip-hop-sub-culture. These experiences have given him sensitivity toward the outsiders in our world. Because of how Christ has welcomed him, he now lives and longs to tell all about the God who welcomes the outsiders to His family through the Gospel.

Jorge has been engaged in pastoral ministry since 2000. His experience in ministry includes pastoring established churches and church planting as well.

In 2012, Jorge graduated from The Cornerstone Seminary (Vallejo, CA). He is currently pursuing a Research Master’s Degree in Ethics, Theology and Culture at Southeastern Seminary (Wake Forest, NC).

At the end of 2014 Jorge and his family left California for Atlanta so that he could join the staff at Blueprint Church and to serve with the North American Mission Board in their church planting efforts across the country.

Jorge is married to Wendy and they are the proud parents of Hannah, Emily, Noelle and Selah.


Workshop Session 4: Pipeline Creation: Mobilizing Missional Disciple-Makers
How one views the church will dictate how one approaches ministry. For many the church is the guardian of truth so the church becomes a classroom; for others the church exists as a place for personal encouragement so the church becomes a support group. While there is truth to these perspectives on church, they are subordinate. We need truth and encouragement because we have been given a mission to accomplish. When that mission is in view, discipleship will go from being a ministry of the church to being the ministry of the church – making the church in and of itself a pipeline for future leaders.
Time: Wednesday, 2:30 – 3:30pm
Location: Faith Hall - Room 301C

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