Hugh Halter is a church planter, pastor, consultant, and missionary to the US. He is the U.S. Director of FORGE America, an apprenticing community committed to train men and women to live as missionaries where they already are. He is author of The Tangible Kingdom, AND...the Gathered & Scattered Church, TK Primer, BiVO, Sacrilege, FLESH and Brimstone. Hugh speaks extensively around the world to laity and leaders. He is an advocate for disoriented God seekers and loves to inspire and re-orient leaders around incarnational mission in any form of church. He has three adult children and now lives on an urban ranch in Denver Colorado with his wife Cheryl. You can find Hugh at and


PRE-CONFERENCE: FORGE Missionary Training for the Local Church - Creating a Missional Sending Culture to Every Neighborhood and Network – Hosted by Forge
Now that America has become a mission context, churches are beginning to recognize that the need is not for more and better programs, presentations or preaching. Instead a mission field needs Missionaries. Normal everyday people who know how to engage culture with the gospel, form missionary communities, and re-orient their lives around kingdom values and behaviors. In this Preconference, the Forge team (Alan and Deb Hirsch, Hugh Halter, Ryan Hairston and Brad Brisco) will move from missional inspiration to doable missional apprenticeship. We will discuss: The Missionary Nature of Church; "Deconsumerizing" & Decentralizing the Saints; Moving Small Groups to Missionary Communities; Activating ALL the People of God; Synergizing the Gathered and Scattered Structures; and How to Apprentice Others into Mission. See list of all speakers in this pre-conference here.
Day / Time: Monday 1:00pm – 5:00pm and Tuesday 8:00am – 11:30am
Location: Faith Hall - Room 301A

Workshop Session 1: BIVO REALITY: Starting a Church Without a Dime – A Doable and Enjoyable BiVO Lifestyle
Whether you are a marketplace leader looking for help in leveraging your kingdom calling, or you are a ministry leader looking for creative ways to manage and fund your calling, this workshop is for you. The Gospel got to us by fully paid, barely paid, or non-paid saints and the future will be bright for those who learn to leverage all they have for one calling. Hugh and Brad will discuss the benefits of Bivo church planting and give practical steps towards creating and sustaining a Bivocational movement.
Time: Tuesday, 2:30 – 3:30pm
Location: Student Center - Room 101A

Workshop Session 2: Resourcing the Missional Church
In this session Hugh will unpack a handful of tools that thousands of churches are now using to create missionary training and farm systems in their church. Whether you are planting or transitioning toward true missional church, you will not only get the resources, but you'll hear about the FORGE process of moving consumers to missionaries.
Time: Wednesday, 8:45 – 9:45am
Location: Student Center - Room 101A

Workshop Session 4: Church Planting and Suffering
Planting can be hard. You gain ground and then lose it. You love people who turn on you, and above all, it can be staggeringly lonely. Paul understood that like Jesus' mission, the great commission will only be fulfilled through sacrifice. Sometimes a sacrifice has to be made to undo a great wrong. Mission (light shining in darkness) is advanced through risk and not just willingness to suffer, but through real suffering. The cross leads. The cross models. The cross saves.
Time: Wednesday, 2:30 – 3:30pm
Location: Student Center - Room 101A

Workshop Session 5: Fleshy Evangelism
In this session Hugh will share the evangelism process he experienced and now trains people in – new doable way to influence the hearts of those 'far from God.' The discussion will include a focus on evangelism inside missional communities and how the witness of the gospel happens through natural life and intentional neighborhood and network engagement.
Time: Thursday, 8:45 – 9:45am
Location: Student Center - Room 101A
Speaker: Hugh Halter

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