Chris is a leader, evangelist and has been basketball player. After graduating from college, Chris joined the staff of CRU and helped start campus ministries across the state of Nebraska. After 5 years of investing in college students, Chris teamed up with his best friend to plant a Citylight Church in Omaha Nebraska. Currently, Chis serves as the co-lead pastor of Citylight Church, is a husband to Kristin, father to three wild kids, and a fan of NBA basketball! He has a passion to see new church planters surfaced, equipped and empowered to plant new gospel-centered churches so that more and more people can meet, love and worship King Jesus.


Workshop Session 5: Church Planting with Two Lead Pastors – Why It's Biblical and Works!
Leaders are God's means of advancing His mission, but what if we stopped looking for the unicorn – you know the one who can preach, cast vision, recruit teams, council the wounded and has administrative skills? What if we stopped looking for the solo church planter and started looking for church planters who could lead together and leverage their different gifts to plant a healthier church? Chris and Gavin are two guys with different gifts who planted Citylight Church in Omaha together! Over four years, their small church plant has grown from a few people praying to over 2,000 people. Their church has planted four autonomous churches and each one was launched with two co-lead pastors. Jesus is building His church, and these two pastors want to share with you the theological convictions that have lead them to this model. Additionally, they want you to know that sharing the role of lead pastor is working to create accountable, healthy, humble, and lasting church planters.
Time: Thursday, 8:45 – 9:45am
Location: AP Buildings - AP 9

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