Ken has served as senior pastor at Northshore Christian Church since 2004. Northshore began a disciple "shift" in Everett, WA in 2011 that has dramatically impacted all facets of ministry. They have implemented strategies that not only set a new course for the local congregation but are actively involved in coaching other congregations towards relational discipleship internationally.


Workshop Session 4: Pathway to Becoming a Disciple Making Church – Reproduce It
Lead Pastor Brandon Bowers of Awaken Church (Charleston, SC), Northshore Christian Church Senior Pastor Ken Long, and Eastside Community Church Senior Pastor Virgil Grant join Real Life Ministries Senior Pastor Jim Putman to discuss "Living it, Leading it and Reproducing Relational Discipleship." Hear stories from churches that are making the shift from 3 different paradigms. Followed by table discussions including over 20 church leaders from around the country living out Relational Discipleship.
Time: Wednesday, 2:30 – 3:30pm
Location: Faith Hall - Stageside

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