Steve McCoy has been in the ministry for 35 years and is the Lead Pastor of The 360 Church in Sarasota, Florida, a church he planted 10 years ago. Impacted by the Vision Frame, God Dreams, and Leadership Pipeline Development processes of Auxano, 360 has grown from a launch team of 8 to a church of 700 with a laser-focused strategy that centers on building a culture of one-to-one relationships with a vision that is designed to invigorate Christianity in the U.S. by exporting the one-to-one culture.

In addition to graduating from Southern Seminary, Steve also has a Doctorate degree in Piano Performance, coming to faith in Christ during the pursuit of becoming a concert pianist. His 25 years of piano lessons naturally embedded an appreciation for the impact of the one-to-one dynamic that is so often missing in the church culture.

His experience in the person-to-person environment in music coupled with the Paul-Timothy model of one-to-one discipleship motivated him to take 6 years to write a one-to-one discipleship track called Xchange. Aiming to go beyond the typical approach of information transfer, Xchange is infused with real life labs, artistic films, and graphic design engineered to bring a multi-sensory experience with the goal of growing disciples to become disciple-makers.

Xchange is now in 3 languages and is operating on 4 continents. In Steve's local church setting, 40% of those in small groups are in a one-to-one discipleship relationship with a 3-year goal of doubling that number. The one-to-one dynamic permeates all areas of 360 in order to create a culture of one-to-one relational depth.

Steve and his wife, Carrie, have two boys, ages 12 and 13.


Workshop Session 1: The Antidote for the Three Greatest Hindrances to Spiritual Growth
Ask any leader in the church culture, "What are the most common challenges that hamper personal spiritual growth?" Most likely, the answers will fall under one of the following three categories: Congeniality – The lack of relational depth; Contentment – The lack of pushing the edge of transformation; Consumerism – The lack of skin in the game. The antidote to these core predicaments looks simple on paper, but will require a different mindset and an intentional leadership paradigm shift. The antidote that tackles every single one of these growth-hindering challenges? Creating a culture of one-to-one relationships. We will focus on practical ways of strategically leading a one-to-one culture within the local church setting in every layer of ministry. Crafting a one-to-one culture will dramatically intensify relational depth, tangibly increase life-change, and significantly decrease a consumeristic mindset. The change of dynamic will be revolutionary.
Time: Tuesday, 2:30 – 3:30pm
Location: Education Building (E1) - Room 316

Workshop Session 2: Big Dreams Create Better Tomorrows
Join Bryan Rose of the Auxano team and lead pastor Steve McCoy as they train on how to use 12 Vision Templates from God Dreams to create a picture idea for your multiplication dream. Practical tools are provided to build out a vivid description of your vision to inspire the courage and sacrifice required for the cultural shifts in becoming a Level 5 church. A case study of 360 Church in Sarasota, FL will be delivered by Steve McCoy who has completed his visionary plan (pathway to level 5: 3 to 4). 360 Church is 10 years old and runs 600 in attendance. All sessions in this Dream Big track will provide highlights from the 24 tools in the Dream Big Workbook and specific case studies based on Level 5 Multiplication pathways. Each session may be experienced as a stand-alone session, but they are designed to build on one another to provide a comprehensive visionary planning toolbox for Level 5 multiplication churches. The track is designed by Will Mancini, the author of God Dreams and founder of Auxano.
Time: Wednesday, 8:45 – 9:45am
Location: Worship Center - Main Auditorium

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