Keith Wieser is lead pastor at Resonate, a multisite collegiate church in the northwest working to spark an urgent multiplying collegiate church planting movement among college students in the US, Canada and around the globe. Keith and his team are strong learners, innovative leaders and some of the most focused planters on the planet.


Workshop Session 5: Pipeline Creation: Developing Church Planting Flywheels with University Students
For most leaders/churches/networks primed to invest in planting, the ideal candidate seems to be married, in the 30's with some understanding of ministry and planting. But what if our bias toward the ideal planter is self-limiting? A growing number of churches are realizing that the best time to cultivate planters and planting teams is during college, before leaders have marriages, mortgages and managers influencing their vision for multiplication and Kingdom expansion. These churches, laser-focused on reaching collegians with the gospel, are winning freshmen to Christ, immersing them in planting scripts as upper classmen, and then deploying them out as cohort-based teams to plant on college campuses around North America. Join us for this breakout as we 1) share church planting scripts for college students and 2) process what a collegiate church planting pipeline could look like in your context. In the meantime, think about this one question: What would your life look like now if you had been part of a multiplying church plant during college?
Time: Thursday, 8:45 – 9:45am
Location: Faith Hall - Room 301C

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