Jeremy LeVan is the founding pastor of Epic Church in the South Bend area. Over the past five years they have helped birth five daughter churches and launched a church planting movement in Ecuador. Jeremy and his team of leaders are experiencing the early stages of multiplication in their community.


Workshop Session 1: From Stuck to Launching a Multiplication Movement
Church plants grow to a point and then they plateau. This workshop will help you learn how to launch a multiplication movement that will continue to grow no matter what size you are at now. Dan Grider will share the principles of multiplication that will get you started moving toward multiplication. Jeremy LeVan will share how his church plant successfully made the shift to become a church that is rapidly multiplying disciples. Jeremy and his team will share their story of how they were able to launch a multiplication movement that has launched a church planting movement that rippled from their area to Ecuador.
Time: Tuesday, 2:30 – 3:30pm
Location: AP Buildings - AP 10

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