Kimberly Bolden hails from the multi-cultural Caribbean nation of Trinidad & Tobago. Born to a Jamaican mother and Trinbagonian father, diversity and reconciliation have been lifelong commitments for her and an essential part of her personal narrative.

Kim and her husband, Wesley, reside on the Southside of Atlanta where they lead and serve Tri-Cities Church – a multi-ethnic Christian community. Prior to Tri-Cities Church, she served as a Ministry Fellow with Christian Union at Princeton University where she equipped Ivy-League students from across the world with tools to boldly live out their faith in all spheres of influence.

At present, Kimberly works alongside a competent team at CrimsonInk – a premiere printing and publication company based in Atlanta. CrimsonInk strategically partners with faith-based organizations across the nation to better visualize and communicate faith-stories in a compelling, complete, and cost-effective way, drawing people's attention to the life of Christ.

In her spare time, Kim enjoys photography, coffee shops, and outdoor adventures with her hubby. On the interwebs, you can find her ramblings at


Workshop Session 2: Reconciliation: Addressing the Elephant in the Room
Be a part of an honest conversation about race, reconciliation and ministry. Ultimately, we all want to plant churches that reach across cultural divides and help everyone who attends our church find a deeper relationship with God. This workshop will share some truths we may be unaware of, clear up some misconceptions and then give practical tools that will you be successful in caring for all people in our communities.
Time: Wednesday, 8:45 – 9:45am
Location: Faith Hall - Room 372

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