Jeff serves as the Multisite Specialist for Portable Church Industries. He feels his greatest contribution to The Kingdom is to be helping leaders successfully navigate the challenges and competing values of multisite strategies for their church. Through executive leadership and organizational coaching, he has developed a passion to see leaders operating at their highest level of mission effectiveness.

Jeff, and his wife Aleta, have three grown children. He loves family time, is an avid DIY'er, and likes reading books on leadership as well as mystery novels.


Workshop Session 1: Urgent, Nimble and Effective Multiplication – How Your Church's Culture Can Thrive in a Portable Setting
A church's culture can be complex. It's nearly impossible to launch an identical campus! But campuses are being launched all the time that are identifiable with their sending campus. This session will help you know how to establish your DNA in new portable campuses and communities, avoiding the crushing effects of chaos!
Time: Tuesday, 2:30 – 3:30pm
Location: Faith Hall - Room 346

Workshop Session 5: How Portable Campuses Work in a Multisite Strategy – Strategic, Quick, Effective, and Economical
Why are church leaders in portable venues saying, "If I'd only known how good being portable was going to work out for us, I would have planned differently?" Churches are launching portably with two strategies in mind: As a bridge to a permanent facility, or to engage new communities with ultimate flexibility. Gain perspective to sort out your short and long term multisite strategies.
Time: Thursday, 8:45 – 9:45am
Location: Faith Hall - Room 346

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