Carl George began local church ministry as a youth pastor and camp director on the staff of an early megachurch. He and his wife were commissioned as church planters and established both a congregation that grew rapidly and a day school that became the largest in its county.

After 13 years, he was called to Pasadena, California, where John Wimber and Peter Wagner asked him to assume leadership of what became the Charles E. Fuller Institute of Church Growth and Evangelism. Organizing and leading seminars with notable pastors, including David Cho, Rick Warren, Bill Hybels and John Maxwell, and others, the Institute touched leaders in over 100 denominations as the megachurch movement moved into high gear. His teaching on the MetaChurch opened the door for American pastors to grasp the dynamics of the world's largest churches and highlighted the role of small groups in lay leadership development and unlimited growth.

Since 1995, he has served as a congregational analyst and executive coach to church planters and local church leaders of many denominations. He has co-authored six books with Bob Logan or Warren Bird which deal with leadership themes in continuously growing churches. A popular seminar series led to a book that has been in continuous print for twenty-five years: How to Break Growth Barriers. It has been thoroughly updated for release in early 2017.


Workshop Session 2: Post-Launch Changes in the Lead Pastor's Role
What forty years of experience teaches us about role requirements for lead pastors. As soon as a new church is birthed, it begins to age. Every stage of growth changes the scale of operations as new people are added. Some planters remain long enough to be seen as founder pastors. Their roles and the skills they must use require significant changes in their leadership perspectives at each of several size levels. At each level, barriers to further growth must be recognized and overcome. Many barriers are found in the thinking of the lead pastor. Unless you are a Johnny Appleseed planter that will only plant and then move on, the work you must do will be outlined here. This workshop expands on concepts in Carl's just-released book How to Break Growth Barriers.
Time: Wednesday, 8:45 – 9:45am
Location: Worship Center - Room 124

Workshop Session 5: Restoring the Soul and Spirit of Church Planters in Your Care
Those who must supervise or provide coaching for church planting staff face many challenges that go beyond current assessment and planning processes. Planter insecurity, unrecognized spiritual challenges, self-defeating inconsistencies, and leader instability are factors that seriously hinder healthy growth in new works. A hopeful new set of tools is emerging to deal with such internal obstacles. These tools can assist those who oversee pastors and church planters so they may discern and deal with the sources of unhelpful patterns in behavior. A synthesis of deep healing and deliverance practices is opening a door into a new era of helping leaders find freedom. Help is becoming available to deal with trauma-induced emotional handicaps and wounds that often have gone unrecognized.
Time: Thursday, 8:45 – 9:45am
Location: Worship Center - Room 124

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