Laura Praske is the Facilitator Network Manager for PREPARE/ENRICH. She has invested 15+ years enhancing the confidence, competence, and vision of leaders across both the church and the marketplace through the ministries of Tentmakers and Leadership for Life Omaha. Her mission is to inspire and equip leaders to be more intentional stewards of their influence. Laura and her wonderful husband Brad are the parents of Noah and Emma.


Workshop Session 4: Good News! Strong Marriages Help Plants Grow
Church planting is an arduous journey that strains our relationships. For married church planters it can feel like a "either/or" where "more for the plant" means "less for our marriage" and vice versa. This perspective pits one good thing against another and can lead to tension and frustration. But what if a healthy marriage and thriving church plant are reinforcing rather than competing goals? In this practical "rubber hits the road" workshop, seasoned church planting couple Paul and Deb Marzahn will share how they have managed to achieve their missional goals while prioritizing their marriage, and furthermore how the theme of strong, healthy marriages can be a catalyst for successful plants. Co-sponsored by PREPARE/ENRICH, the workshop will also highlight how insights into a marriage's strength and growth areas and a set of core relationship skills can help gird a planting team's marriages and provide a platform for outreach and discipleship.
Time: Wednesday, 2:30 – 3:30pm
Location: Education Building (E1) - Room 321/323/327

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