Josh has more than 16 years of dynamic ministry experience and has served on staff at one of the fastest growing churches in America: Lifepoint Church, a multi-site church based in Fredericksburg, VA. He is skilled in both highly creative thinking and problem solving as well as organizational strategy and administration, which makes him a valuable asset to the WAVE team. He has a wealth of experience serving on Executive Teams and leadership as well as leading creative, studio, production, worship, and communications teams.

Josh has a passion for seeing churches take their step forward and communicating the Gospel in a very clear and unobstructed manner. His mission is to assist churches so their story, systems and staffing come into perfect alignment.


Workshop Session 3: DIVE: How All of Your Environments Help Tell Your Story
Join Jeff Boriss and Josh Lazar to learn about essential elements to consider when creating your weekend experience.
Time: Wednesday, 1:00 – 2:00pm
Location: Faith Hall - Room 301B

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