Eric has a passion for engaging churches worldwide in the needs and dreams of their communities toward the end of spiritual and societal transformation. He served with Cru for twenty-five years before joining Tango, an investment and tech company that focuses on technology that enhance wellness, relationships and spirituality. For the past 18 years Eric has also worked with Leadership Network where he has lead initiatives for externally focused churches, global missions, marriage ministry, ministry creativity and most recently the use of big data and kingdom work. He holds Doctor of Ministry degree in Transformational Leadership in the Global City and is an adjunct professor at Denver Seminary.

Eric is co-author of four books including The Externally Focused Church and To Transform a City: Whole Church, Whole Gospel, Whole City along with numerous articles on churches that are transforming their communities. Eric has been married to Liz for over 40 years, has three married children, eight grandchildren and resides in Longmont, Colorado.


PRE-CONFERENCE EQUIPPING LAB: Data, Analytics and the Church: Helping Churches Do the FIVE Things They Must Do to Thrive! — Hosted by Gloo
To grow and thrive every church has to master FIVE things. They need to: Attract people — make people in the community aware that you exisit; Get people in the door to an event or service for the first time; Keep people — close the back door; Grow disciples; and Multiply leaders. We've discovered that of these FIVE things, it is not what you do best but what you do least that determines the future of your church. More info and list of speakers in this lab can be found HERE.
Day / Time: Tuesday 9:00am – 11:30am
Location: Room 201

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