In this lab, we will cover three vital phases of any church planter and church leader's journey:

• Are You Ready to Plant More and Better Churches? — We have identified some traits of leaders that have launched healthy, multiplying churches. This lab will review those traits and provide tools for growing in them.

• More and Better When You Launch — The people who help you launch your new church are vital for the establishment of the DNA of your church. This lab will help you determine how to invite more people onto your launch team and how to equip them to tell the story of your church plant.

• How to Maintain (or Kickstart) a Vision for More and Better — After a new church launches, there are many voices and demands that can distract from the initial vision of being a multiplying church. In this lab, we will share stories and provide practical insight for how you can maintain that vision of being a multiplying church. Even if you're in an established church and want to implement a vision of multiplication for the first time, these tools could be helpful for you.

Speakers: Joshua Chavez, Jeff Bennett, Josh Gosney, Jeremiah Morris, Bruce Wesley, and John Herrington,
Day / Time: Wednesday, October 23 / 9:00am – 11:30am
Location: Creek Kids A