In this lab, we will cover three vital phases of any church planter and church leader's journey:

• Identifying the Who: Planting More and Better Churches — We have identified some traits of leaders that have launched healthy, multiplying churches. This lab will review those traits and provide tools for growing in them. (Amanda Sadlier)

• How to Gain Their Trust: More and Better Outreach in Your Community — How do you reach more people in your community and see your neighborhood change for the better? Trust and credibility is vital. This workshop will share stories and strategies for being widely visible while gently vocal when going to the highways and the hedges so your church plant can create intersections that will change your community. (Ricky Brown)

• Multiplication: How to Maintain or Kickstart a Vision for More and Better — After a new church launches, there are many voices and demands that can distract from the initial vision of being a multiplying church. In this lab, we will share stories and provide practical insight for how you can maintain that vision of being a multiplying church. Even if you're in an established church and want to implement a vision of multiplication for the first time, these tools could be helpful for you. (Marc Lucinius)

Speakers: Amanda Sadlier, Ricky Brown, and Marc Lucenius
Day / Time: Tuesday, December 3 / 9:00am – 11:30am
Location: Railton Hall A