Orienting Expectations
Expect to Need Help - Luke Greer, Orchard Group, Chicago, IL
Dealing with Brokenness - Jodi Hickerson, Mission Church, Ventura, CA
Leading through the Stages of a Church Plant - Kyle Costello, Missio Dei, Salt Lake City, UT
Overcoming Challenges - Nick Parsons, Orchard Group, San Francisco, CA
Discussion/Q & A with Luke, Jodi, Kyle and Nick

Best Practices
Developing Your Core Group - Casey Fritz, Collective Church, Los Angeles, CA
Leading a Multicultural Church - Brian Kruckenberg, New City Church, Phoenix, AZ
Choosing Your Location - Derrick Puckett, Renewal Church, Chicago, IL
Hiring and Developing Your Staff - Mike Hickerson, Mission Church, Ventura, CA
Discussion/Q & A with Casey, Brian, Derrick and Mike

Speakers : Luke Greer, Jodi Hickerson, Kyle Costello, Nick Parsons, Casey Fritz, Brian Kruckenberg, Derrick Puckett, and Mike Hickerson
Day / Time: Monday, 1:00pm-5:00pm
Location: Student Center 1