Do you experience some sporadic activity of the Spirit, but desire to see this become an ongoing culture rather than occasional one-offs?
Does your church struggle to be open to the gifts of the Spirit in everyday life?
Are you in a ministry situation where not many people make disciples in naturally supernatural ways?
Have you become frustrated by spiritual gifts rarely being turned outwards in mission?

Everyone is rethinking how church will operate post-pandemic. We all want to be shaped both by Scripture and by the Spirit, yet many of us have few models of both operating in healthy harmony.

What would it look like to be a disciple-making church that is fully operating in the gifts and empowering of the Spirit? This is the church that Jesus longs for and the Bible describes - so why couldn’t this happen in YOUR local context?

At this pre-conference you will be walked through 5 essential decisions that will help you develop a sustainable and multipliable Spirit-empowered community. You will be given sound Biblical underpinnings, numerous field-tested strategies, and countless practical tips from our almost 3 decades of ministry.

There will be stories, space for your questions, activation exercises, and opportunities to receive prayer ministry (since we want to practice what we're teaching!).

We (Alex and Hannah Absalom) have been in church leadership since 1994, and throughout we have been fortunate to experience a beautiful marrying of Word and Spirit. Our experience is that it is not as difficult as most leaders think to build a Spirit-empowered culture, and we want to show you 'under the hood' how to do so.

Tracy Mathews from Attune will also be joining the pre-conference to run a wonderful interactive session on cultivating the capacity for spiritual attunement. This will greatly help you grow in your attentiveness to the voice of the Lord Jesus in your life.

Regardless of if this is a new area for your church, or one that exists but you want to see it go to the next level, the Biblical and practical mix of this pre-conference will be inspiring, direction-setting, and also immediately useful. Whether you bring your team or come solo or as a couple, you just need to arrive hungry to see more of the Spirit’s empowering in your church or ministry!

Speakers: Alex Absalom, Hannah Absalom, and Tracy Mathews

Day / Time: Monday 1:00pm – 5:00pm and Tuesday 8:00am – 11:30am
Location: TBD