Prior to the pandemic and even so on the other side of it, many (if not most) pastors in America today are only managing decline. Like the proverbial frog in a kettle, these churches and their leadership remain largely unaware that sustaining 20th century innovation is not only what got them here, it's why they are generally ineffective at advancing a credible gospel, engaging diverse communities, and/or struggling to pay the bills. It's what will soon force them to close the doors.

To overcome the problem of stagnation, decline, and/or general ineffectiveness, pastoral leaders will need to do more than prayerfully hope for the best. They need a new North Star... blueprints informed by and infused with 21st century understanding of the ways and means of disruptive innovation. They will need to be disruptive themselves.

Disrupters turn existing systems upside down to effect systemic change. They break molds, change our thinking about those molds, and then hand us new rules for how things work. Disrupters see and sense what lies ahead, not only what's in front of them but soon coming around the next corner. They not only envision the future, but create and establish it by challenging what is and inspiring what is to come.

In this pre-conference hosted by the Mosaix Global Network, you will learn from proven, forward-thinking guides that will share the why, how, and what of disruptive innovation as a model for 21st century church planting, growth, and development. Whether your congregation is currently growing, plateauing, or declining or you are a church planter, pastor, denominational or network leader, this pre-conference will provide you with the understanding, language, and tools needed to challenge conventional wisdom, promote promising new practices, and bring others onboard even in uncertain times and those that surely lie ahead.

Speakers: Mark DeYmaz, Jason Davila, and Rosario Picardo

Day / Time: Monday 1:00pm – 5:00pm and Tuesday 8:00am – 11:30am
Location: TBD