Sessions include:

Phygital for Church Planters: Starting a New Church in this Post-COVID world? Church planters today need to be thinking Physical & Digital! Digital needs to play a part in all our churches. Through Stadia's Phygital for Church Planters, you'll learn how digital can influence communications, discipleship, community and even the ecclesiological functions of the church to strengthen the launch of a new church plant. Even learn some benefits of planting digital before physical.
Let's Get Phygital: In this Post-COVID world, how does an established church do physical and digital? While most churches look at physical and digital as competition, where they fight over the attenders, what does it look like if they complement each other? Here in Let's Get Phygital we'll start to unpack some of the Phygital Strategies that can be utilized at your church to help your church reach it's mission and vision.
Digital Engagement Pathway: One of the biggest opportunities of a phygital mindset in churches is the opportunity to bolster your discipleship process. Let's discuss how a phygital mindset can help your church multiply disciple-makers.
Role of Content & The Large Gathering: As a result of the pandemic, culture in our society has shifted. How has that shift affected out large gatherings? What is the role of that weekend service, and how can it be used in our efforts to multiply disciples, phygitally.
Future Church, Today — Watch Parties, Microlocations, Social Media Churches, Multimodal Churches, Church as Platform: In order to be effective in the future, the Church will need to adopt different strategies to reach people far from Christ. In this session we'll share an overview of some of these innovative strategies, and learn how your church can adopt and execute multiple of these strategies simultaneously.
Digital-Only Planting: What does a church in Digital-Only space look like? What is the Ecclesiological grounding of a church that exists in social media or cloud services, with no physical footprint? Is a digital community worthy of a digital church? Let's talk about what a location-independent church looks like.

Speakers: Jeff Reed, Patrick Holden, Raymond Hudson, John Harris, Tom Pounder, Kent Jacobs, Steven Barr, Mark Lutz, Tyler Sansom, Andy Mage (THECHURCH.DIGITAL & Altar Live), and Chestly Lunday (DigitalChurch.Network)

Day / Time: Monday 1:00pm – 5:00pm and Tuesday 8:00am – 11:30am
Location: Faith Hall - Room 301D