Rob Wegner serves as one of the founders and directors of the Kansas City Underground, a mission agency and decentralized network of missionaries and microchurches in Kansas City. KCUG’s forty-year vision is to have a missionary on every street and a microchurch in every network of relationships, connecting with training Hubs throughout the city, saturating Kansas City with the beauty, justice, and Good News of Jesus. Rob also serves on the leadership team of NewThing, helping churches form networks to pursue the Mission of Jesus together. Rob is also an author; his latest books are Find Your Place: Discovering Your Calling Through Your Gifts, Passions, and Story (Zondervan), with Brian Phipps and the theme book for Exponential 2019, Made For More, which he co-wrote with Todd Wilson. His latest book is a collaborative work with NYT Bestselling author Ori Braffman, Alan Hirsch, and Lance Ford called The Starfish and The Spirit: Unleashing the Leadership Potential of Churches and Organizations. Rob’s wife, Michelle, and their three daughters, Maddie, Whitney, and Belle, own his heart completely.


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