Jared Nassiff is the Lead Pastor of Direction Church, a new church plant in central IA. He and his family moved from southern Indiana to the booming metropolis of Des Moines, IA about a month before the pandemic struck at the beginning of 2020. Jared has worked in vocational ministry in different capacities and in different locations for 11 years. He graduated from Lincoln Christian University with a BA in Preaching & Youth Ministry and followed it up with an M.Div in New Testament Studies because he's apparently a glutton for punishment. LCU is where he met his unbelievably stunning wife, Rachel Nassiff (although that wasn't her last name at the time to be clear). In 8 years of marriage, they've co-created three amazingly beautiful children, Naomi, Wrigley (they're Cubs fans), & Ezra (they're also Bible fans). Jared's goals in life include leading as many people to Christ as possible and to set Sean Cronin up with a girlfriend.


Workshop Session 3: Developing a Launch Team from Scratch During a Pandemic
Building a launch team always presents a challenge, and doubly so during the pandemic. Where do you meet people during a lockdown? How do you meet people that even now are hesitant to come to any event? Come hear from a planter that launched in Spring 2021. You'll learn practical and creative things to do to recruit launch team members, and how to forge them into a united team that pursues the new church's vision together.
Time: Wednesday, 2:30pm — 3:30pm
Location: Faith Hall - Room 301H
Speakers: Jared Nassiff, Sean Cronin

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